Thursday, February 22, 2018

Famous actor J reportedly also under suspicion of sexual harassment but his reps deny the accusations

t/n: Cho and Jo are interchangeable 

J is accused of forcibly kissing a female staff on set and touching her breasts and legs. 

1. [+237, -5] Looking at the live comments, you did the same thing during 'Bad Guy' as well. I heard you did it as well on 'This Charming Girl' and in the film 'Sword in the Moon', which I participated in, you had to make an apology because you sexually harassed someone at the Yangsu-ri filming set.. It's a bit sad seeing the articles disappear one by one. The fact that there are people who are still helping abusers out by covering it up.. 

2. [+198, -10] Cho.. Jae. Hyun

3. [+172, -4] It is Cho Jae Hyun. Currently, two cases of sexual harassment has been confirmed.

4. [+166, -1] 'Take Care of My Dad' is strangely become one of the most legendary variety shows (t/n: Jo Min Ki and Cho Jae Hyun both came out on 'Take Care of My Dad' with their daughters)

5. [+166, -4] Why is this not showing up in the searches? Are they covering it up with money?

6. [+113, -4] What do you mean you wouldn't have done it if they didn't want to do it? What a load of BS

7. [+102, -4] I feel really bad for actress Seo Won who came out in 'Bad Guy'... After filming that movie, she became so mentally exhausted that she went to the U.S. and didn't come back   

8. [+98, -6] It feels like they're manipulating the Naver search engine..;;