Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Famous actor Oh is reportedly also under suspicion of sexual assault, his entertainment agency is remaining silent

The article reveals that on the 15th, a netizen made a comment on a portal site saying: 

"In 1990, Busan, ㄱ theater. He is a theater actor who secretly and regularly sexually assault his younger female junior colleagues. (t/n: talks about how this actor famously worked under a director, Lee Yoon Taek, who was recently under a sexual assault scandal as well) Now he's well-known supporting actor for comedic acting. But to me, he's only a devil and psychopath. After going through that horrible incident, I've been living with that shock for 20 years and is receiving mental treatment. I hope he gets punished for his shamelessness."  

The article then added details that there's only one specific actor who worked with the director for the little theater company in Busan. (t/n: they're basically certain on who it is, like all the hints lead to one person) 

1. [+5834, -46] I wish the victims would gain courage and just accuse the person all the together~ All the bastards who abuse their fame and authority and hurt weaker people should all be punished

2. [+4153, -84] The only person I can think of is that person... Famous comedic supporting actor..

3. [+3266, -99] Oh D S.. (t/n: the comment was written in this format - 오 ㄷ ㅅ, Oh being the individual's last name and ㄷㅅ being the initials of their first name)

4. [+3212, -49] Gasp....... If this is true, this is a really shocking continuation...

5. [+2689, -70] ㅇㄷㅅ-ssi and sexual assault comes up together when you search him up....

6. [+1084, -6] Once things starts to leak in the entertainment industry, it's going to be no joke, it's starting... (t/n: by 'things', they're referring to sexual assault accusations and what not)

7. [+1065, -8] Why is the theater industry so dirty? I heard they only earn a little.. they're hurting these poor kids who are only filled with many dreams.. what the heck 

8. [+974, -21] Oh Dal Su