Sunday, February 4, 2018

FNC reveals that they decided on enlistment for Jung Yonghwa after a long discussion

1. [+1249, -118] Even this kid's media play is unlikeable 

2. [+945, -40] His entertainment agency is really his anti-fan

3. [+927, -61] When he needs it, he's grateful for the public's attention/comments but when it's a disadvantage, they say they're going to take action against hate comments? We can't even criticize him when the issue he stirred up was even featured on the news? If he had plans to enlist in the army, why did he even apply for the school? Isn't that a contradiction?

4. [+775, -58] What do you mean take action!! Correct the false report and apologize!!

5. [+655, -39] Please tell the truth with your own mouth. 

6. [+265, -24] Are they apologizing? Or are they threatening? Confusing. 

7. [+256, -27] Feels like the person who committed the mistake is getting angry?