Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Go Hyun Jung denies the assault accusations and states that she did not bring up the option of leaving 'Return' first

1. [+23085, -667] When she was filming 'Go Show' (t/n: her talk show that was popular), the power tripping inside SBS forced them to change their writer but Go Hyun Jung came forward and asked them why they were changing the writer and took the writer's side and fought for them. During 'Queen Seondeok', she filmed 10 more episodes without guarantee pay for the sake of the drama's quality. With every project, she would use her own money to buy the staff gold rings, long padding jackets, makeup, food trucks, and so on, and this type of person would quit a project just because she argued with the PD?? Don't you know how much her time is worth ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+17263, -611] I knew this would happen the PD and SBS are power tripping!!!

3. [+17118, -490] The PD is accurately power tripping, Go Hyun Jung did this much but imagine the other actors sigh ㅉㅉ  

4. [+12838, -327] They were hella media-playing ㅉㅉ

5. [+8169, -241] Sigh... 

6. [+4388, -71]  If they media-played against Go Hyun Jung to that extent, imagine how much they power tripped against rookie actors and unknown actors 

7. [+4040, -90] Because they got good ratings, they protected the PD and threw away the actor 

8. [+3980, -70] They're not even changing the actor, they assigned her a role that's easily discardable and only used Go Hyun Jung's name to constantly promote it 

9. [+3610, -83] SBS is so annoying ㅡㅡ I'm not going to watch 'Return' 

Sorry I'm spamming you guys with back-to-back posts about Go Hyun Jung ㅠㅠ
But these posts have been trending on the rankings since it came out in the morning!
You might've also noticed that I've been using the same picture of her for all the posts but if you look at the original article, they are doing our girl sooo dirty by using such unflattering pictures of her ㅡ.ㅡ
Anyways, she deserves better + SBS is stupid af 

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