Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Go Hyun Jung leaving 'Return' due to reoccurring creative differences

1. [+9989, -531] Long time ago, you would see her buying the staff a lot of food and gifting them with gifts, I wonder what the inside story is.. At first, she was the lead but the amount of scenes she had was the same as a minor character

2. [+8273, -452] When Hong Sang Soo was a popular director and she worked on a project with him, she used to hate it when he would come on to other actresses, when her colleague Lee Jin Wook was absurdly hit with a false charge ruling and was about to become a social outcast, she helped him out and recommended him so that he can make a comeback, and she's famous for feeding the staff during 'Queen Seondeok' and for always taking care of others before herself. Journalists and directors can try to ruin her image but I wonder how many people can stand up and say no that's not true. Even during 'Queen Seondeok', she filmed 10 more episodes even though she didn't get paid to. For this drama being her comeback drama, she intensively did research on her character and grew attachment for the character, she even got the staff makeup 

3. [+6841, -192] It would be better if they revealed exactly what happened 

4. [+5636, -365] Go Hyun Jung did have a little amount of scenes 

5. [+5487, -230] It was during film so I heard it was a recorded, is there someone brave enough to upload it onto YouTube 

6. [+3275, -120] Go Hyun Jung isn't some amateur who's only filmed one or two dramas, I'm sure she's leaving because of a serious reason.. Even her statement was written in a way to not inconvenience the drama even more.. SBS really needs to reflect, they tried to make trash out of an actor - they're really unbelievable ㅋㅋㅋ We don't need to watch the drama 

7. [+3323, -202] Go Hyun Jung's reps saved their words and she basically took responsibility for her own actions and accepted the notification of her departure.. I wonder what happened.. In this coverage, I feel bad that only Go Hyun Jung is being made out to look bad and curiosity is growing even more.. I was really enjoying Return.. what a shame 

8. [+3403, -289] If Go Hyun Jung did that, there's a reason why she did it 

9. [+3238, -197] Based on Go Hyun Jung's personality, I feel like she was tolerating the director and crew's BS but then they took it too far so she couldn't bear it anymore so she left

10. [+3207, -168] They used Go Hyun Jung's face to build it up but she barely had any scenes. Seems like she left because they only showed the chaebol bastards fooling around, killing, and other provocative things and she got annoyed so she left