Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Go Hyun Jung reportedly assaulted 'Return' PD, might be leaving the drama

1. [+33502, -4216] Wow the article is so malicious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We don't know the exact details of this situation but people have heard that Go Hyun Jung was speaking out on behalf of the rest of the actors due to the issues the production crew caused, they're cleverly making an offender out of her  

2. [+29157, -1890] Media play ㄴㄴ You have to listen to both sides 

3. [+24492, -1607] During 'Dae Mul', the PD was replaced so Go Hyun Jung requested a feedback on why the PD was replaced... Don't insinuate in your article that the PD of 'Dae Mul' was changed because of Go Hyun Jung (t/n: the journalist wrote in the article that Go Hyun Jung has a troubled past and listed all the times the PD or director was switched out in Go Hyun Jung's past projects ㅡㅡ)

4. [+23489, -5858] They must've done something that deserved a beating... exactly what did they do that a female actress had to assault a PD... please elaborate...

5. [+9456, -966] Hul.....?

6. [+6544, -693] The PD and SBS's media play to gain public sentiment is insane, they're trying to bury Go Hyun Jung 

7. [+6084, -261] Journalist-nim, you should include in your article on why they were arguing 

8. [+5610, -345] The articles must all be like this because Go Hyun Jung doesn't suck up to journalists or producers 

1. [+5216, -256] Go Hyun Jung is in the wrong for the assault but we need to wait to hear both sides on what happened

2. [+4877, -583] Hmm seeing Go Hyun Jung behave like that seems like SBS did something wrong. Up until now, she has the experience and it doesn't seem like she did this due to something petty, seems like there were big problems internally 

3. [+4217, -584] I've met Go Hyun Jung in real life and worked with her before and her impression was really good. Please don't only look at one-sided articles. Of course, when working with her, I've only seen her for 10 seconds...because I'm an extra 

4. [+3519, -136] Go Hyun Jung should hurry up and release her side of the story, the female character quit the drama ㄷㄷ...

5. [+2829, -110] This is a daebak situation, I'm really curious about the statement Go Hyun Jung's entertainment agency will release 

6. [+1198, -78] To be honest, from Go Hyun Jung's position, she was basically scammed with the synopsis of the drama, it'd be weird if she wasn't furious; they hella media-played the drama using her name but then as time passed, she was getting less and less exposure and became a minor character-like main character, if the production crew was in her position, wouldn't they also get mad

7. [+1208, -92] What actress would buy the crew padding jackets and makeup if she looked down on them.. ㅋ 

8. [+1121, -57] They promoted the drama using Go Hyun Jung but then her scenes disappeared.. Is this a synopsis scam