Thursday, February 8, 2018

Park Jin Hee reportedly filling in for Go Hyun Jung in 'Return'

1. [+8762, -316] Don't do it ㅜ I wish Park Jin Hee-nim wouldn't do it ㅜ It's not good for the baby ㅜ (t/n: she's pregnant with her second child right now)

2. [+6003, -205] Actress Park Jin Hee-nim...please don't ever do it.. you're pregnant right now and this storyline deals with murder and you have to express you anger and sadness through facial expressions and what not.... anger is like that... you don't need to earn money and send off anger to the child inside your belly.. You can just deliver happy emotions to the child. (t/n: I really paraphrased this sentence but the commenter is just saying, you don't need to earn money to the point where you have to make the child inside of you experience the anger you have to express just for the storyline and the commenter was also saying the plot is filled with murder and it's a role where you have to express anger, sadness, basically negative emotions and that it won't be good for the baby)

3. [+4772, -143] Aside from everything, isn't this a project a pregnant women shouldn't be doing? It's probably send a lot of negative vibes to the baby 

4. [+3780, -181] Fuck trash-journalist are really......

5. [+1180, -64] Let's not hate on Park Jin Hee. SBS's behavior looks weird, I hope no actress fills in for the role.. I feel like they can just end the drama without anyone filling in 

6. [+1079, -71] PD-yah, you should leave instead 

7. [+940, -63] Park Jin Hee-ssi, don't do it you're going to ruin your image ㅠ

8. [+823, -69] Just call in Jung Ryeo Won and insist that it's a sequel to 'Witch's Court' 

9. [+792, -69] Seriously this isn't right...ㅡㅡ;; seems like she's going to ruin the image she worked hard on building up just to earn money for a short while