Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hyorin opens up about why SISTAR decided to disband

When asked, why she decided to set up her own agency instead of accepting one of the many love calls, she explained that it wasn't because she had so many things she wanted to do so that's why she left. She knows that you can't live life by only doing the things you want to do. Talks about how she spent 7 years doing things not for the sake of herself but every thing was for SISTAR and so she started to develop concerns about life as Hyorin and as Kim Hyo Jung (her birth name). This was a concern all the members shared, not just her. They thought about it carefully and decided that since they've worked hard for the past seven years, they wanted to live life on separate paths but continue to support each other and remain as good friends. 

1. [+690, -27] It's the same as if asking a person why they decided to resign from a company

2. [+548, -28] 7 years is a long time. During that time, they had a lot of hits too! I'll look forward to your new path too Hyorin

3. [+520, -55] Hyorin looks prettier when she goes around in her bare face

4. [+323, -40] I want to see SISTAR again 

5. [+275, -26] Hyorin fighting! Let's do well with this song!!