Friday, February 23, 2018

[Interview Translation] Another victim surfaces and accuses actor Jo Min Ki of sexual harassment

Sports Chosun (from here on, I'll abbreviate their name as 'SC') interviewed a new victim. She only met Jo Min Ki once in 2010 at an oversees beauty pageant/competition but after, she exposed him of sexual harassment through her social media account. SC revealed that Jo Min Ki (1965) and the victim are 20 years apart. 

Up to now, all of Jo Min Ki's victims were students and he used the excuse that they were all like daughters to him but this new victim is an ordinary person (t/n: meaning she's not affiliated with the industry, not a theater student, etc but a normal person) and that she only greeted Jo Min Ki during their one time meeting/encounter. 

How did you guys meet?
  • In 2010, I participated in a beauty pageant/competition and Jo Min Ki showed up at the site, that was our first meeting. Because he's a famous actor, we happily took a photo together. 
Did he give you his contact information?
  • At that time, all we did was greet each other and take a picture. Later, Jo Min Ki-ssi commented on my social media saying it was nice to see me. He said he had a lot of questions about the country I'm from (t/n: they live overseas) and asked for help so I told him my messenger app ID (t/n: basically a Kakaotalk/LINE ID). I thought it was interesting because it was the first time a celebrity requested it. 
What did you guys talk about?
  • During that time, Jo Min Ki-ssi was actively approached me via social media. He said that there's a lot of plans for him to visit that country because of work and that if he needs it, he'll ask me to be his translator. One day, he said he was going to a photo shoot and said we just go on a vacation, just the two of us.
Go on a vacation, just the two of you?
  • He said, "let's go together, just the two of us." At that time, I didn't reveal how uncomfortable I was and just passed it off by saying, "I don't think that's right." I thought, why is he like this when he has a wife and children. And then, something else happened where I couldn't take it anymore. 
What happened?
  • He said he was filming a sageuk called 'The Great Seer' or something. At that time, I was in Korea too. It was during the middle of the night and he said, "I'm done with filming and I'm resting at a hotel, wanna come over?". I was super pissed off. 
How did you deal with that?
  • I immediately screenshot it and sent it to him with the message: "Can I reveal the name and post this?" All of a sudden, (Unknown) showed up. I think he blocked me. 
So basically, you guys only met once in real life and that was briefly at a beauty pageant/competition, is that all?
  • Yes, that's right. I don't know how he can say that when that's the only relationship we have. 
Have you ever watched 'Take Care of My Dad'? It must've felt really unusual.
  • I was stunned and I had a lot of thoughts running. I felt frustrated and told those around me but they didn't believe me. After the scandal broke, a lot of people started contacting me. I mean, even when I read things like this on the internet, I always thought it was fiction. I knew something like this would blow up for Jo Min Ki-ssi.     

1. [+13182, -51] There really is no end, you made a mess here and there but confidently denied of doing it, where did that confidence come from? During that time, how much did you live your life being pretentious and abusing your authority?

2. [+11408, -49] She seems to have reacted wisely...I support your bravery
↪ [+357, -1] There's this many victims but he says it's because they were like his daughter ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This man is really crazy, he's incapable of rehabilitating. First, let's put an ankle bracelet on him and then watch it unfold 
↪ [+562, -2] Cops: Wanna come over?

3. [+9526, -61] At this rate, it's a disease 

4. [+8062, -53] If it's like this, then Jo Min Ki is really shitty! By all means, he doesn't differentiate and just thrusts himself onto people. Scummy bastard!

5. [+7751, -55] He's a piece of shit, a piece of shit ㅉㅉ (t/n: ㅉㅉ is the sound of tsk tsk), excluding his wife and kids, he basically hits on everyone in their 20s

6. [+1815, -7] Wow.. this person really reacted well... she cleaned up the situation so that he couldn't escape it 

7. [+1704, -4] His symptom is severe... it seems like he needs to get treatment.. 

8. [+1685, -4] He can't deal with it properly because there's probably too many victims and doesn't even remember! ㅋㅋ