Thursday, February 22, 2018

Journalists begin to publicly name actor Oh who's accused of sexual harassment, director Cho Geun Hyun also accused of sexual assault

The article revealed that the reporters have been trying to contact actor Oh and his reps for the past two days but they're not answering the reporters' calls. When they call the entertainment agency's phone number that's listed on their website, they're met with the message: "The number you're trying to reach is unavailable." At this moment, reporters are unavailable to get any explanation. 

1. [+1449, -18] I feel like the reason they're remaining silent is because he assaulted so many women during his life so he doesn't remember which one this one is so they're unable to respond. ㅋㅋ

2. [+1155, -10] How is it that there's no end to it no matter how much you dig, why are you like that, it's really disgusting and disgraceful. 

3. [+1007, -7] Do you think it's just one or two victims? Lee Yoon Taek's minion Oh Dal Su (t/n: You can read about what stage director Lee Yoon Taek did here)
↪ [+1, -80] I heard it's not Oh Dal Su 
  ↳[+92, -0] Who else is there for a comic character besides Oh Dal Su. You entertainment agency intern. (t/n: the commenter is saying the commenter above is being paid by the Oh Dal Su's entertainment to post comments defending him)

4. [+815, -17] Is it really ㅇㄷㅅ (t/n: ㅇㄷㅅ are the initials for Oh (오) Dal (달) Su (수)) 
↪ [+177, -5] I heard he has the title of '10 million viewers actor'.. The other articles wrote that 

5. [+786, -9] Don't be an inconvenience to the drama, movie, producers, and actors and just hurry up and release a statement 

6. [+329, -3] There's probably a lot of people who are nervous that they're going to be revealed.. ㅋ 

7. [+329, -3] 10 million fairy, what a load of BS. Disgusting *spits*

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): Mr. Oh → Oh Dal Su, entertainment agency still remains 'silent'

1. [+3699, -28] This is such a turn off 

2. [+3722, -38] This is now a generation of social media so even though it's late, things will all be revealed ㅋㅋㅋ I feel like if you investigate the first generation idols and actors of that time who didn't have any technology like this ㅋㅋㅋ you would be able to find a truck load of incidents if you're just dedicated in uncovering it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They sure are met by the right generation ㅋㅋ

3. [+3620, -40] Forreal do they know what generation this is, do they think there's a complete secret ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel like there's a lot of male actors whose hands are trembling  

4. [+2852, -25] If you look at him directly, you'll get goosebumps 

5. [+1659, -151] They're writing articles because they're not responding to rumors that have no evidence? Do you not like Oh Dal Su's agency? 
↪ [+219, -6] If you just type Oh Dal Su right now in the search engine, the term associated to his name is 'sexual assault', the fact that they're not responding is weird 

6. [+784, -9] I thought the toilet fetishist was the worst but through #metoo, everything is being revealed, let's expose the entertainment industry (t/n: Toilet fetishist → Park Yoo Chun)

7. [+758, -4] Ahn Tae Geun → Lee Yoon Taek → Jo Min Ki → Oh Dal Su the continuation of sexual assault cases,,, More and more popular celebrities are going to be exposed from now on. As expected,,, all fields are fucked,,, statute of limitations,,, give that to a dog instead

8. [+763, -11] If this is true, his nickname from now on isn't '10 million fairy' but '10 million pervert'   

9. [+469, -3] What is going on with ㅈㅈㅎ (t/n: JJH)? (t/n: I'll translate the article related to this one really soon!)

1. [+5966, -256] Dal Su's articles are coming out ㅋㅋ Cho Jae Hyun's daughter is always active on Instagram but she now turned off all the comments ㅋㅋㅋ They're self-confessing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Soon articles revealing their names are going to come out again 
↪ [+576, -73] Wasn't it Jo Min Ki?
↪ [+798, -95] Why Cho Jae Hyun all of a sudden? Wasn't it Jo Min Ki?
↪ [+516, -96] Don't you mean Jo Min Ki?
↪ [+810, -21] ㅈㅈㅎ's sexual assault controversy also surfaced 

2. [+4886, -41] Don't only shed light on Lee Yoon Taek and Jo Min Ki but shed light on Oh Dal Su and Cho Geun Hyun and keep publishing articles on whether it's true or not, if it's true we can't ever let it get buried 

3. [+4210, -45] Disgusting bastards

4. [+4036, -28] Let's not fall for the image they show on tv 

5. [+3358, -31] Disgusting

6. [+1371, -12] Everyone is curious but why are Cho Jae Hyun's articles being taken down, comments are being deleted, initials are being removed too and why isn't he showing up on the live ranking? Is it money? If you're that confident that you didn't do anything wrong and you're not guilty, then do a press conference, there's this much talk and Oh Dal Su's articles are now surfacing too? Do you think people will let it pass because you say you're not guilty? The victims will stand up.

7. [+1159, -8] Oh Dal Su Cho Jae Hyun.. I'm only to continue watching over the situation but this makes you think that a celebrity's image is really a illusion. 

8. [+1049, -7] I wonder how Jo Min Ki and Cho Jae Hyun would feel if their daughters were sexually assaulted by a male celebrity?? Seeing a father who raised a daughter assault another man's daughter, they're obviously a crazy sociopath.. (t/n: Cho Jae Hyun and his daughter, Cho Hye Jung, also came out on the reality show Jo Min Ki came out in with his)