Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kim Sarang leaves Mr. Sunshine due to health reasons

The insider told Ilgan Sports that Kim Sarang is departing from Kim Eun Sook's 'Mr. Sunshine' due to health reasons. They said: "Luckily, Kim Sarang didn't film any scenes yet so it won't cause any setbacks to the drama. The production crew is discussing about Kim Sarang's replacement for the role."

1. [+3706, -205] Saying she didn't film any scenes yet... means she doesn't have any screen time... Seems like she wanted the same amount of screen time she received during 'Secret Garden'..

2. [+2752, -116] She's the next female actress after Kim Tae Ri... Seems like she didn't have as much screen time than she thought she would have....? 

3. [+2690, -169] From what I know Yoo In Na joined 'Goblin' after someone left, I hope the person who replaces the role ends up being blessed~ 
↪ [+765, -119] At least 'Goblin' had high ratings.. Because this has a love line between Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri ㅡㅡ I hope it doesn't hit daebak  
↪ [+641, -15] Yoo In Na didn't get the role because someone quit. After Lee Dong Wook was casted for the role of the Grim Reaper, the character's age went up and they sent an offer to Yoo In Na. It seems like this misinformation began because people like Nana and Nara who auditioned for the role beforehand started media-playing about it. 

4. [+2529, -353] Doesn't seem like it's cause of health reasons.. she recently shot a photoshoot and was working hard...;;;;

5. [+872, -54] You can't say health reasons are always something physical.. it might be something mental.. Her mentality might've suffered because she had to work with Lee Santa..

6. [+764, -91] I feel like 'Mr. Sunshine' won't be a successful drama as 'DOTS' or 'Goblin' ㅋㅋ Because Song Joong Ki and Gong Yoo are likable actors but Lee Byung Hun is the opposite. Even if they get good ratings, it won't be as big of a hit as the others 

7. [+629, -26] I feel like she didn't quit the role that people fight for on her own, people go crazy for Kim Eun Sook's roles even if the screen time is small  

8. [+587, -33] Watching her on 'I Live Alone', she was that serious about maintaining her health but all of a sudden she's quitting because of health reasons? 

9. [+550, -43] You can straight up tell she quit because she doesn't have a lot of screen time.