Monday, February 26, 2018

Kim Tae Ho PD confirmed to be leaving 'Infinite Challenge'

1. [+5704, -77] Thank you very much Tae Ho-PD for giving a part of my life happiness. I hope that wherever you are, you spread your happy virus 

2. [+4496, -76] Hyung, you worked hard. Because of you hyung, my Saturday nights were enjoyable and happy. I support the remaining members' new challenge and hyung's new challenge. Fighting. 

3. [+4026, -208] A MuDo without Kim Tae Ho PD... Will MuDo be disappearing into our memories ㅠㅠㅠ 

4. [+3275, -55] Kim Tae Ho PD-nim, you worked hard, MuDo fighting 

5. [+2806, -52] Kim Tae Ho PD-nim, thank you for your hard work!

6. [+593, -29] I'm really sad that Tae Ho PD-nim is departing but I respect your decision ㅠㅠ Na PD went to tvN and did all the things he wanted to do and is now on a roll...I don't think it's right to tie down Kim Tae Ho's talents onto MuDo, I hope we can meet him on a new show that gives off Kim Tae Ho's vibes~~

7. [+370, -11] Kim Tae Ho PD, I'll look forward to your new show~