Monday, February 12, 2018

Park Jin Hee confirmed to be joining 'Return', will begin appearing on the episode that airs on the 14th

1. [+19455, -949]  It's nothing new~ Isn't it true that it was already all confirmed? 

2. [+18147, -2790] Disgusting. Not coming out was the best option for everyone but now I feel like she's going to have to live life from now on getting a bunch of hate and she was hella testing the waters 

3. [+16138, -1449] As expected, after they saw the public's opinion changing with the prompter articles, they stopped testing the waters ! It was confirmed from the start

4. [+15085, -1317] So it was true~ Whatever happens, I'm going to switch on over to 'Queen of Mystery 2' that's going to start airing soon~ Return OUT 

5. [+13832, -1099] It's kind of like 'think long, think wrong'. She said she wasn't going to any other promotions because of her pregnancy but the role she'll be portraying in 'Return' isn't a storyline that's good for the baby at all.. It would've been a burdensome role for anyone to fill because there's so much noise about Go Hyun Jung leaving the role.. And there was a lot of talk before that Park Jin Hee was already nominated for the role.. 

6. [+6502, -399] Daebak chills.. she was already filming but still testing the waters... she's hella snakey 

7. [+5634, -327] A few days ago, you already released an article saying you're joining. Your name was already on the cast list in Wikipedia. Since the day before yesterday, there was a sudden increase in comments supporting you and today there's a bunch of articles trying to ruin Go Hyun Jung, I already knew. Explain the suspicions about how you were already billed to play when Go Hyun Jung was about to leave. It reeks of blood, a pregnant woman in a cruel drama, I don't want to see it 

8. [+5744, -312] As expected ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they started releasing articles about the prompter in the afternoon and now they're releasing articles about her joining ㅋㅋㅋ these fuckers 

9. [+5529, -226] She was already billed to join the cast before Go Hyun Jung left (You can't just make an actress quit a drama that's already airing for no good reason - she was going to enter as a reliever for a crisis that was caused by an actress power tripping) > notice of departure > a response from the public they decided expect (couldn't secure the image of being the reliever that they promised X) > public sentiment begins > the opinions begin to change a little and they confirm her joining the cast < from how I see it, seeing how they didn't bring up any other actresses in a situation where there's no female lead and they kept clinging onto one actress, this means she was already billed to join the cast >