Saturday, February 10, 2018

Park Jin Hee refutes claims that she participated in script readings for Return, says she hasn't decided on joining the drama yet

1.  [+4698, -161] I feel like the only way the viewers' anger will simmer down a little is by them having Joo PD quit

2. [+4066, -92] If you make one mistake in this situation, it's possible for you to get all the hate ㅎㅎ

3. [+3653, -466] Stop testing the water ~~~ it looks bad!!! Stop being sly!!!

4. [+2653, -85] So are you going to do it or not? I'm curious 

5. [+2232, -63] Still? I feel like the decision is taking too long because of the situation.. whatever the results, I hope it's made carefully....

6. [+1173, -16] If she wasn't going to do it, she would've already said that she wasn't going to. Do you think she would just stand there and receive hate for no reason ㅋㅋ Sounds like she's going to do it ㅉ

7. [+1067, -42] Don't act like you're not going to do it!! when you've already decided you are~~ I've heard you posted that pregnant women can work too~ You've already OK-ed it~ I don't want to see you pretending anymore, you're out too!!!!!

8. [+1014, -19] Stop releasing articles to test the waters. I've heard you already discussed with them to do it. 

9. [+989, -40] I didn't see you like that, how cunning.