Friday, February 23, 2018

People wonder what is going to happen to the dramas Cho Jae Hyun and Oh Dal Su are involved in

Jo Min Ki was supposed to come out in OCN's 'Children of a Lesser God' but he dropped out after his sexual harassment accusations broke out. Cho Jae Hyun is currently starring in tvN's 'Cross', and Oh Dal Su was planning on appearing in tvN's 'My Ahjussi'. With 'Cross' and 'My Ahjussi', they haven't yet updated the public on whether or not the two actors will be leaving the dramas. All of these dramas are under/produced by CJ E&M.  

1. [+6366, -16] What do you mean what's going to happen~ this is the time to pluck all of them out 
↪[+184, -0] Please Arrest My Father

2. [+5396, -37] All three of them are old men with daughters 

3. [+4315, -26] I really didn't know they would do this,, I hope to never seem them again. No, I hope they never appear again.  

4. [+3326, -81] Anyways, didn't they all pretend not to see/know anything? 
↪ [+398, -2] There's no way this industry didn't know what was going on, they just overlooked it as if it was a habit 
↪ [+215, -12] How would the 'My Ahjussi' team know that Oh Dal Su did this 20 years ago

5. [+2842, -30] They're screwed  

6. [+786, -3] We can't let them sneak back in after resting for a while like we did in the past. Kneel in front of the victims and apologize.