Thursday, February 8, 2018

Prison Playbook's Park Hae Soo and Park Ho San make their first variety show appearance on 'Life's Bar'

1. [+617, -6] Isn't the character with the lisp in 'Prison Playbook' his best character? You properly introduced yourself to those who didn't know you. I feel like if this drama didn't have actor Park Ho San's active role at the beginning of the drama then they might've not been able to hit 11%.... Park Ho San and the actor who played the druggie? Their combo was really funny... ^^ 

2. [+473, -5] Park Hae Soo is cool wow 

3. [+364, -3] Park Hae Soo~ Park Ho San~ If I knew they were coming out, I would've watched from the start but I started watching after seeing the article. Both actors are all charming~~

4. [+320, -7] Looking forward to Prison Playbook season 2

5. [+230, -39] What are the MCs doing? They're all awkward. Did they even watch the drama? (t/n: I watched the episode and didn't think it was awkward at all lol)

6. [+115, -3] Park Hae Soo is really fucking handsome ㄷㄷ He looks even more handsome than he did in the drama