Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[Pyeongchang Winter Olympics] Speed skaters Kim Bo Reum and Park Ji Woo under criticism for blaming their teammate Noh Seon Yeong

Kim Bo Reum
Park Ji Woo

t/n: Gifs are from Instiz! I can't find a video of the actual match that works in the U.S. due to copyright issues ㅠㅠ 

From what I'm understanding (correct me if I'm wrong)... 
Noh Seon Yeong started off leading the team in the front but then moved onto the back because she was getting tired - so during the match, the skaters switched positions so that Noh can move to the back
 In this gif, you can see Noh changing positions and moving to the back

But as soon as Noh moved towards the back, Kim Bo Reum and Park Ji Woo started speeding up - creating a gap between them and Noh
Noh used up a lot of her energy during the beginning of the race so she was having difficulty with keeping up with her teammates 

Kim and Park should've at least help pushe Noh forward or slowed down for Noh but they continued on skating ahead of her leaving Noh to come in last by herself...  

The controversy grew even more because after the match, Kim Bo Reum and Park Ji Woo did an interview and they were basically blaming the results of their match all on Noh. 
Kim said that they started the match off well and said that last skater (Noh) couldn't keep up and they had a disappointing score. But what pissed people off was that Kim scoffed/snickered while she was making these comments. 

After the match, Noh was seen sitting alone and being comforted only by their coach

Kim and Park weren't seen sitting with Noh 

Noh is seen sitting next to Team USA, separate from her teammates.
And you can see Kim and Park leaving without Noh.

You can see their Coach Bob de Jong comforting Noh by himself :( 

Here's a brief clip of a news panel discussing what happened (Link).
They're just talking about what might've happened, the possibility of the team not getting along, and the fact that Noh joined the team a lot later (it was revealed by Noh in January that the ladies' team pursuit never practiced as a team) and she has a history of back pains since high school.

1. [+22497, -219] Every broadcast network's commentators were speechless ㅋㅋ are you doing an individual match ㅋㅋ 

2. [+21637, -347] I heard Noh Seon Yeong practiced alone, is that forreal?

3. [+17873, -194] Regardless of the results, I wish they would've showed us a team that displayed unity...   

4. [+14652, -283] Hm... if you look past the records.. it was the first time I saw a gap like this.... I hope this doesn't happen again!! 

5. [+8750, -106] Is Noh Seon Yeong being bullied? Why are the kids in front not taking care of their teammate who's behind them? Is the team pursuit an individual pursuit? Are you guys really national athletes?

6. [+8413, -73] Something's not right. It kind of feels like Noh Seon Yeong is being bullied... this is the first time I've seen a match like this

7. [+8344, -54] They basically demonstrated a live scene of bullying on public broadcast.. They sat separately and didn't even talk to her, you're going to abandon the third player in a game where the third player counts? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: in the team pursuit for speed skating, a team wins when a team’s three skaters all cross the finish line before the other team’s three skaters all cross the finish line)

8. [+7039, -139] The girls that crossed the finish line first are mean bitches, they wouldn't even talk to her ㅉㅉ  

Kim Bo Reum and Park Ji Woo's actions and attitude towards their teammate is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing as well. 
They don't deserve to be called national athletes after they basically abandoned their fellow teammate and countryman.