Saturday, February 10, 2018

Return removes Go Hyun Jung's face and switches out its main poster

The bottom picture is the new poster 

1. [+4683, -289] I removed SBS channel too (t/n: by 'removed', they're saying that they unsubscribed from the SBS channel)

2. [+4527, -242] Joo Dong Min, the professional power tripper

3. [+3392, -225] I removed SBS plus and fun E channel too 

4. [+3299, -221] I removed SBS from my channel guide 

5. [+3075, -183] As expected from SBS, the drama channel you can trust (t/n: they're being sarcastic lol)

6. [+950, -52] You should remove the advertisements you guys got by using Go Hyun Jung's name. Bastards 

7. [+941, -59] They were like this from the start. Was there a person who didn't think about Go Hyun Jung during the French scene? They were talking shit quietly and saw pieces of the comments.. now they're just talking shit upfront? Nasty PD bastard.. How dare you. You with your ugly face.. you said to Go Hyun Jung, who was a Miss Korea that was a top pick for looks.. "you gained weight? what about makeup?" I heard you read the hate comments out loud through a mic? You dare do that? I heard that you told her to quit first? I heard that you were the one who initially threw up a hitting motion? After you did that, you released 4000 articles about her leaving, being a violent actress, about her attitude towards her screen time, and that she's a power tripping actress, you tried to tarnish her image? I understand why Go Hyun Jung is staying quiet. After watching the French scene, there's no way we weren't all thinking the same thoughts. (t/n: the formatting of this person's comment was really weird, I tried to save it as best as I can but the basic gist is that they're calling out the PD for all their BS)

8. [+916, -47] Go Hyun Jung received a token that she's lived life as a good person. The public knows that Go Hyun Jung is a bit feisty but know that she's not some mannerless nuisance. Even if you release articles saying she is, there are many people who are saying she's not and taking her side. Stay strong.

9. [+917, -54] But is Joo Dong Min's sponsors that mighty? (t/n: in this case, they're talking about the people who are backing up Joo Dong Min) This is the type of situation where he should be hit with a disciplinary action or he needs to be removed... There's no actions be taken against Joo Dong Min... Even if they say Go Hyun Jung's mistake was big, Joo Dong Min's actions in this situation is bigger... Wow~~

10. [+821, -44] The people who invested money because of Go Hyun Jung should leave as well, people are now going to start boycotting