Saturday, February 10, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Saturday Drama Roundup] Misty, Hwayugi

1. [+1922, -34] His qualifications, his etiquette, and his personality sucks!!! If you think his wife knows everything and blew up from rage, upvote

2. [+1744, -52] Misty ㅡ a drama worth watching in a while ㅡ a deep composition and characters and the acting ㅡ I'm falling deep into this well-made drama 

3. [+1716, -66] I totally understand why no one else but Kim Nam Joo can play this role~ She matches well with Ji Jin Hee-ssi and you fall more and more deep into it. After 'Money Flower' I had nothing else to watch but 'Misty' is really daebak and on top of that Lee Seung Chul's OST is really cool~

4. [+1645, -27] It's not just the qualifications, she went to a man who comes from a good household and has a good personality~ Get over the girl who left you cause she doesn't like you! Following her around and doing skinship, that's being a stalker, isn't it?

5. [+1024, -44] Even the background music is insane!!! I can't take my eyes off ever

t/n: I don't watch this drama so I'm not familiar with the characters! Let me know if there's any mistakes! 

1. [+1632, -109] Lee Se Young is pretty

2. [+1156, -62] ㅋㅋㅋ I thought Chil Gong and O Gong was falling for it, anyways O Gong-ie is smart 

3. [+852, -67] I really like 502's acting (t/n: 5 is 'oh', 0 is 'gong' and 2 is 'ee' so it's O Gong-ie lol) acting~ 

4. [+1346, -591] Lee Se Young is prettier than Oh Yeon Seo ㅋㅋ 

5. [+627, -58] It gets more and more exciting!!