Wednesday, February 7, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!!][Wednesday-Thursday Drama Roundup] Mother, Return

1. [+725, -36] Let's give up on Return and watch Mother live!!

2. [+480, -14] The scene at the barbershop where Soo Jin and Soo Jin's birth mother meet up and confirm and confront with another~ Both actors were so good at acting I was getting immersed...

3. [+459, -36] Whatever role Lee Bo Young gets she completely melts into that role and absorbs it

4. [+433, -43] Lee Bo Young who you can trust to watch 

5. [+400, -32] Lee Bo Young is so good at acting ㅎㅎ

1. [+3673, -393] Nope. Journalist-nim, the 17% blew up on Wednesday at 10-11 o'clock. The article about her leaving the show began coming out around 12 o'clock~ The 17% blew up because Go Hyun Jung actress-nim was in. the. episode.~ In other words, you're not trying to say that the ratings blew up because of the controversy over her leaving the show, right? ^^ We can only know if their ratings continue to hit daebak even after Go Hyun Jung leaves by looking over the ratings, right? ^^ So please refrain from writing articles like "You don't need Go Hyun Jung~" ^^

2. [+3065, -153] But at the beginning, starting from pre-production, they used Go Hyun Jung's name to gain interest but the amount of screen time they gave her for a lead role was really little, wasn't it? Do you think she grabbed his neck from the start. They couldn't work together so they're both at fault. We can end it by just not watching the drama but it makes me uncomfortable that they're trying to shift the blame all onto one person. 

3. [+2573, -179] They recorded their best rating and now it's going to start falling down and down... 

4. [+1791, -152] They still haven't come to their senses.....they're power tripping

5. [+1193, -87] You're going to surely regret not behaving maturely with one another. Live a bit more cooly.

6. [+600, -34] From my point of view, it looks like Go Hyun Jung selected a project that was written by a up-and-coming screenwriter but.. it looks like the PD was taking advantage of the screenwriter and did things to the plot his way.. ㅡㅡ So since the script was different from the first time they read it and when it actually came to filming, trouble must've stirred up.. they should've made the PD quit instead.. ㅡㅡ

7. [+548, -21] Go Hyun Jung said she chose the drama because of the screenwriter but the PD must've not followed the script.. ㅡㅡ he must've looked down on the screenwriter because she was a new screenwriter.. ㅡㅡ