Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Theater actress Uhm Ji Young publicly accuses Oh Dal Su of sexual harassment, Oh Dal Su will be quitting 'My Ahjussi'

Link to JTBC Newsroom interview: X

She felt that Oh Dal Su was denying that this happened because the first victim remained anonymous. Felt that she had to come forward for the future of her students - she teaches kids who want to join theater. 

1. [+25316, -198] So he doesn't leave until the victim shows her face...........*Sigh* I'm scared another victim will be interviewed tomorrow. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is so rampant in Korea 

2. [+24708, -198] I support Uhm Ji Young who took up the courage!!! Oh-ssi should acknowledge the truth, drop everything and apologize 

3. [+17743, -150] Really disgusting

4. [+13592, -129] Yeah bye! Let's never meet again ^^ 

5. [+7668, -157] The #MeToo movement is a really good movement. We need to get rid of behaviors that damage a woman's dignity. It's sad and annoying that because of men like this other men are being perceived as sex offenders.  

6. [+3802, -26] Uhm Ji Young-ssi, I applaud your legit courage!    

7. [+3469, -18] He's disgusting and on top of that he's a douchebag