Monday, February 26, 2018

[TW: Sexual Assault] Actor Oh Dal Su finally breaks his silence and denies the sexual harassment accusations, victim accuses him of rape

Link to JTBC interview (no subs): X

Oh Dal Su denied the sexual harassment accusations and said that the reason it took him so long to release a statement was because of filming schedules for his movie. But victim A-ssi came out on JTBC Newsroom and said that his denial isn't true and that he also raped her. A-ssi said: "At the time, Oh Dal Su was a high-ranking/status sunbae. He said he wanted to talk for a bit so I followed him. But then he took me to a motel room and raped me. It wasn't just me, there are other victims. I wanted to escape that pain even through death. I'm alright with the silence but I hope he wouldn't say things like: "That never happened"."

1. [+16731, -157] So you didn't sexually harass them but you raped them... 
↪ [+628, -11] The article that discussed Oh Dal Su's sexual assault disappeared from the front page, it was an article with a lot of comments  
↪ [+506, -27] Quit the drama and leave the entertainment industry 
↪ [+532, -17] I support the victim 
↪ [+294, -23] He behaved exactly the way he looks 

2. [+11979, -133] Investigate all the men in the Yeonhee-dan gang (t/n: In case you don't know by now, many of the men accused of sexual harassment/assault were a part of the Yeonhee Street Theatre Company)
↪ [+1019, -25] It really seems like we need to do that. They said not to make potential assailants but they were really all assailants.  

3. [+9219, -136] Disgusting, just acknowledge it and pay for your crimes 

4. [+8200, -121] Just how dejected did the victim feel that you made her call 'Newsroom' on her own and tell them that she'll come out. Hey, is only your daughter precious? This person is also someone else's precious daughter. Just go to jail with Go Young Wook. 

5. [+4386, -46] The victim's words were really ardent. Just go and try to deny it again.  

6. [+2451, -16] ...Calling this type of person... a fairy.. disgusting
↪ [+114, -0] Rape fairy, fingers fairy, off the grid for six days fairy, ankle bracelet fairy

7. [+2186, -10] Oh Dal Su's statement took a week to be released, just how long will it take this time?? A month?? Will he turn his phone off and go off the grid again?     

8. [+2096, -27] Everyone, I think they're manipulating the live search rankings for Naver. Oh Dal Su keeps getting taken off of the search rankings. We have to reveal the truth!

9. [+1721, -14] He became more of a monster through his lies...