Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[TW: Sexual Assault] Actor Jo Min Ki's alleged victims speak up and reveal what happened

The victims were students under the university's theater department. The victims reported to the university last November. After meeting with Jo Min Ki, he submitted his resignation and he was suspended for 3 months. 

The victims came forward to Kyung Hyang Newspaper and the victims that came forward were attended the school from 2009~2013, some have already graduated while others are still attending. Jo Min Ki was appointed as an associate professor as Cheongju University in 2010. 

Student A (who graduated from the theater department) said: "Professor Jo would call me and my friend over to his studio flat and make us drink. Later he would lay us on the bed and grope my breasts and then force us to do indecent acts." Student A then added, "During the forced indecent act, we were so scared, we escaped. During that time, we were only 20 years old." She then revealed that whenever Jo Min Ki would get drunk, he would call his female students and say: "Come to ○○ studio flat, 5 minutes" (meaning come to the studio flat in the next 5 minutes). If you don't answer his calls, he would keep calling. 

Student A also revealed that Jo Min Ki would make her come over with her boyfriend as well and when her boyfriend would get drunk, Jo Min Ki would grope her breasts. Jo Min Ki would also make bad comments about her grades in front of her boyfriend without hesitation. 

Student A said that sometimes a bunch of female students would be at his studio and if one of them fell asleep, he would say: "It's alright if you guys leave. Just leave her here." So there were many times where they would forcibly wake the student up and all leave together. 

Student B (who also graduated) added that Jo Min Ki would go to karaoke with the students after drinking but when he got drunk, he would grope the students' breasts and other sexual acts in the back and was left shocked. Student B said during that night, the female students all left crying and all comforted each other and went home. 

Student C said that Jo Min Ki knew she was going through a tough time financially and offered her a part time job to work on a play. They were working in his studio in Seoul and he all of a sudden tried to kiss her, she rejected his advances and ran away. After that, he didn't pay her for the 1 month-worth of work she did for him and bad rumors about her started to spread around the department. 

Student D talked about how Jo Min Ki appeared on the variety show 'Take Care of My Dad' with his daughter in 2015 and was left flabbergasted. In the show, Jo Min Ki was asked what type of father he would like to be and Jo Min Ki answered with: "A lover-like father". Student D said she got goosebumps because of Jo Min Ki's answer. She wondered why the media wasn't covering anything about Jo Min Ki's sexual assault/harassment. The students revealed that Jo Min Ki would say something around the line of: "You're my girl for this semester", and would always choose a girl and take her around. 

Male students also revealed that they saw Jo Min Ki behaving inappropriately towards female students at gatherings where they would drink. He would always have girls sitting on either sides of him, put his arms around their shoulders, or grab a hold of their hands and kiss it. 

The students respond to people saying things like why didn't they just not go to his studio flat or just not drink but they revealed that they couldn't do that because Jo Min Ki was basically the king of the university. (t/n: meaning he had a lot of power)

Jo Min Ki's reps responded to these accusations that they're all malicious rumors. His reps said that since last year, rumors started to spread about Jo Min Ki and that they requested the school to do an investigation. They revealed that they submitted his resignation because after the investigation, the university determined that his speech and actions weren't fit for the class and hit him with a 3 month suspension and that's what led him to submit his resignation.

1. [+16765, -92] I'm not worried about Jo Min Ki's family at all. I'm most worried about the victims and feel bad.... He abused his authority as a professor and brought a lot of fear to people, it gives me chills

2. [+12777, -97] It's disgusting how he's shamelessly saying he didn't do anything wrong, you're not human

3. [+11425, -75] He was preaching that the sexual assault accusations were rumors, how can a human being be so shameless. He used his power as a celebrity and actor to commit acts on these 20 to 21 year olds, a pain they'll never be able to mend, but he acted as if nothing was going on and came out on TV with his family pretending to be a good father... You're really disgusting 

4. [+10391, -76] I'm hella vomiting...

5. [+7803, -535] Human trash ㅉㅉ I feel bad for his wife and kids   

6. [+3119, -15] Why is everyone worrying about the assailant's family first? The direction the sympathy is heading towards the wrong place. The victims are doing an interview even though they know they're going to go through more pain.. Imagine how hard it was for the victims to see Jo Min Ki coming out on tv acting like he's a good father.