Friday, February 23, 2018

Viewers chose to watch curling match over Youn's Kitchen, ratings fall for this week's episode

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): 'Youn's Kitchen 2' 13.1% → 8.4%…ratings dropped completely 

1. [+12077, -77] Yesterday's curling was really fun to watch

2. [+9917, -76] Sorry... the Olympics is a must watch...

3. [+7668, -67] Because of the tension in curling, you have to keep watching..... I'm going to watch it on Sunday too    

4. [+7355, -144] Because itt was the Olympics~~ 8.4% is still considered high! 

5. [+6817, -119] Curling was extended.. I think all the public broadcast stations were airing curling? And at the same time too... But if a cable network is able to get 8%, I still consider that a success..

6. [+1002, -75] Curling might've had an impact but with season 1, they incorporated a lot of the scenery and it felt like you were watching vacation scenes but with this season, there's a lot of indoor scenes of them struggling so the healing portion/vibes seems to have dwindled down.

7. [+877, -114] It's been boring since last week so I've stopped watching. I'm tired of it.      

8. [+767, -40] It's frustrating to see the same image over and over again, seeing how slow they are is frustrating, you also lose your interest with the editing and the order of the menu, this was my first time switching channels. I feel like the Olympics also had a big impact. 

9. [+597, -24] The ratings for the curling match was 60%, who would've watch 'Youn's Kitchen' during that time... 

10. [+610, -62] To be honest, I'm now getting tired of it.......