Friday, March 2, 2018

Actress Kim Nam Joo expresses her support for her #MeToo movement

Kim Nam Joo said: 
  • "When I was a rookie, I heard a lot of inappropriate remarks. It's a situation that can fully occur and I think working women have experienced it as well. I think people like it (the drama) because it's realistic. I've been watching over the #MeToo movement that's occurred recently with interest. I hope this is will be a good opportunity for people to lend their ears to those who take up the courage and speak up. I think we have to remove the rotten parts of this industry through this movement and purify the industry."  

1. [+3490, -20] I feel like she's supporting it because she's a person directly involved in the industry and knows how dirty it is better than us 

2. [+2139, -15] Even if it's just beginning, we need to create a society where it's the assailants who go into hiding (t/n: the commenter is saying the assailants should be the ones who can't live properly and not the victims) 

3. [+2021, -84] Kim Nam Joo-ssi, I like how you're aging with grace ㅎㅎㅎ I like your acting too    
↪ [+107, -7] Rather than aging gracefully, it's more like aging cooly 

4. [+1960, -48] Kim Nam Joo sure is cool  

5. [+1737, -10] Let's catch all the dirty bastards with this opportunity 

6. [+401, -10] The #MeToo movement isn't men vs. women, it's an issue of normal vs. abnormal. Thank you expressing your opinions