Wednesday, March 7, 2018

All six members of 'Infinite Challenge' will reportedly be leaving the show

1. [+42412, -551] The show that's been by my side since my 20s and 30s is disappearing like this.. this is bitter.. 
↪ [+948, -26] Thanks to MuDo, I was able to cry and laugh throughout those times
↪ [+544, -7] You guys worked hard. 
↪ [+636, -15] Don't use the name 'Infinite Challenge' anymore

2. [+39907, -377] Seems like there's no reason for them to take on the name 'Infinite Challenge'. 

3. [+32962, -403] Goodbye to my MuDo. You really made me happy throughout those times!!!!!

4. [+27048, -367] What a shame for Infinite Challenge.....
↪ [+124, -3It really is a shame and a bummer     

5. [+25651, -315] Thank you for the hard work. I hope they now do a variety show that they want to do. 
↪ [+523, -10] Infinite Challenge (2005~2018) 
↪ [+399, -22] I hope they now don't mind the haters and do what they want to do, this is a show that was ruined by the obsessive/crazy viewers 

6. [+5625, -109] I feel bad because Jo Se Ho revealed his house and even his father. He was really happy because he became a MuDo member  
↪ [+865, -4] Seriously if they were going to do this what was the point of bring him in.... I feel so bad for Jo Se Ho. He must've suffered a lot emotionally when he was entering Infinite Challenge and he must've now started feeling relieved because he was now settling in but he wasn't even able to stay in the role for 6 months and he's leaving...

7. [+5401, -67] If they're all going to leave, they should just completely cancel the show. What's the point of season 2 

8. [+4802, -179] Choi Haeng Ho PD, don't use the 'Infinite Challenge' name  

9. [+4361, -70] At the end, they're following the PD.... This was one part of my life, what a shame 

1. [+19961, -444] It feels like I lost an old friend

2. [+16354, -459] It feels like it's ending out of nowhere....they're still getting high ratings too    

3. [+13943, -333] You said we were going to go catch tuna ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
↪ [+391, -4] Ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 
↪ [+588, -7] They had to play soccer with Messi...  

4. [+12103, -354] Didn't they have a project for 2018? I really wanted to see them playing soccer with Messi  

5. [+11453, -841] Infinite Challenge is a show that always lent a ear to the viewers' opinions, please don't leave and stay in the show 
↪ [+717, -19] That's why they're ending the show because people always say "do this, do that"

6. [+2297, -90] Ah I'm not going to watch it, I can't watch other people coming out and using the name 'Infinite Challenge'