Friday, March 9, 2018

Channel A reveals Jo Min Ki's final voice recording, where he apologizes to his daughter

His phone call with a journalist was revealed on Channel A. They wanted him to make his appearance at the station or court on the 12th and he revealed that they adjusted the date for him. He was originally supposed to go in on the 6th but he didn't want his daughter to worry while she was starting her grad school so they pushed back the date for his appearance. 

From what I remember from the variety show - when I used to watch it, his children always attended school abroad, his daughter attended school in the states while his son attended school in China, I think. Before he was exposed, his daughter once uploaded a post on her Instagram saying one of the grad schools she got into was Princeton. 

1. [+23738, -1359] So is your daughter precious while the daughters of other families that you attacked are someone to look down on, (t/n: they're basically saying, did he only consider his daughter as precious child while he underestimated/looked down on his victims who are also precious daughters to their own parents)

2. [+21617, -883] How can you only be sorry to your daughter. You should be more sorry to the daughters of other families who had to experience sexual assault. 
↪ [+602, -24] How can a father who has a daughter do that, how would your child be able to keep her head up and attend school

3. [+18730, -659] Another person is also someone else's daughter... Is only your daughter precious? 

4. [+15544, -683] Why are they even revealing this... Are they trying to gain sympathy... I'm sorry for your loss but that doesn't mean his crimes will disappear

5. [+14002, -579] Selfish person   

6. [+3963, -119] The #MeToo movement didn't kill a person, wake up and see that being exposed is embarrassing to death - this is sexual assault 

7. [+3461, -115] I hope the #MeToo movement doesn't get shaken up with this incident ... it's a shame that he died but that doesn't mean his crimes will be buried. The #MeToo movement isn't an internet witch hunt, it's a process of trying to change the rotten parts of our society that's been lingering there for a long time