Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Jo Min Ki - #MeToo Roundup][TW: Explicit] New victim comes forward, another victim reveals Jo Min Ki's obscene text messages

NOTE: The articles are a couple of days old but I thought y'all would want an update on what's going on with this piece of trash. Also his messages are really explicit so please don't read the interview translation if you're uncomfortable!

An informant (t/n: from here on this person will be labeled as B) contacted Sports Chosun on the 26th asking them to maintain her anonymity and said: "I have something to tell you guys about Jo Min Ki". 

B said that 10-11 years ago, when she was in her early and mid-20s, she used to work at a coffeeshop in Apgujeong and that on the second floor of that building, Jo Min Ki had a photography studio. B said that Jo Min Ki would come to the coffee shop, 1-2 times a day to buy coffee, would often meet his clients at the coffeeshop, his male employees would often come as well and Jo Min Ki's wife would come often as well that her face became familiar. 

B said that one day, Jo Min Ki asked her to be a model for a wedding concept shoot. She said that she rejected it by saying: "How can I do a wedding photoshoot" but then ended up agreeing because he kept asking, she would often see the studio employees, and the coffeeshop employees kept telling her to try it. On the day of the photoshoot, she tried on a lot of wedding dresses and at the end of the photoshoot, that's when the problems rose. 

After the photoshoot, Jo Min Ki said, "We should get a drink" so Jo Min Ki, B, and three other studio employees went to a restaurant and drank appropriately. Afterwards Jo Min Ki said he'll drop her off but B declined his offer because her house was near the restaurant. But the employees stepped in and said: "Let him drop you off" while Jo Min Ki kept saying: "I'll drop you off". B said that when they were almost at her house, he started molesting her at a familiar alley. 

B said: "In one word, what happened inside the car was a 'mess'. Jo Min Ki tried endlessly to take off my clothes, I was having a hard time trying to stop him. No matter how many times I told him not to do it, he wouldn't stop. Jo Min Ki kept saying: "Stay still, it's alright." I thought, "If I let this go on, something bad is going to happen"." He took off her top and groped her breasts and put his hands in her pants and molested her. Jo Min Ki then took off all of his clothes and completely took off her bottoms and when he tried to rape her, she screamed and used all her strength to open the car door and escaped. 

B said that because she was young at the time and innocent, she didn't think of reporting it to the police but she complained about it to her sister. Then she added, "At the time, Jo Min Ki was a married man and I knew the wife because she came to the coffeeshop often." B called Jo Min Ki, a shameless person and said that every time she saw him on TV, she wanted to kill him. 

1. [+41459, -126] Things keep coming out about Jo Min Ki no matter how many layers you uncover.. From sexual harassment, to sexual molestation, to sexual assault... Sigh... Farewell 

2. [+37141, -121] Really disgusting. With what confidence did he have to do a family variety show. He's the ultimate in shamelessness.
↪ [+1240, -1] He even sold off his daughter's face, what is this heinous act ㅡㅡ 
↪ [+952, -2] If it was 10-11 years ago then his daughter would've been in elementary school damn... 
↪ [+491, -1] The ultimate in shamelessness! 

3. [+33683, -106] You might think he's an onion... There's no end to it no matter how much layers you take off ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Exactly what confidence did he have that he denied it at first???  
↪ [+769, -5] If you take off the layers of an onion, it has an end. This person has no end 

4. [+29741, -104] This is really a lot, there must be more right..... I feel like there's a lot of people who still can't say anything 

5. [+21854, -99] Goodbye  

6. [+6752, -16] Wow this bastard is really nuclear waste, using his power as a professor wasn't enough for him that he tried to rape an commoner? It's expected for him to be expelled from the entertainment industry but he needs to rot in jail  

7. [+6547, -16] He tried to rape a part-timer that worked at the coffeeshop his wife frequently went to.. is he that bold or what? 

NOTE: The articles are a couple of days old but I thought y'all would want an update on what's going on with this piece of trash. Also his messages are really explicit so please don't read the interview translation if you're uncomfortable!

An informant (t/n: from here on this person will be labeled as A) contacted Sports Chosun asking them to maintain her anonymity. Sports Chosun said A contacted them saying, "I want to tell the truth about Jo Min Ki's sexual harassment".  

A said she first met Jo Min Ki at a party in 2015. She said she naturally got to greet him because she was close to his acquaintances who were photographers and later on, they followed each other on social media. A said that she studied wine overseas and after he found out about that, he said: "I like wine too. I want to be able to ask you if I have questions about wine," and then asked for her contact info and she gave him her phone number. 

A specifically revealed the dates where Jo Min Ki said her lewd Kakaotalk messages, he sent her messages from August 27, 2015 to August 29, 2015. She said she backed up all the files because they might be needed for the police investigation. 

A said at first, he would send her messages like: "Aren't you getting off work too late", "let's meet up soon in Seoul", and "what time do you get off work?". And then he would send her messages telling A that he was drinking wine alone in his studio and would send her pictures of his wine, his studio, and the cigar he was smoking. A then said, "I don't know if it was because he got drunk but he would all of a sudden ask: 'Is your sex life with your boyfriend alright?'". A said that Jo Min Ki found out/knew about her relationship status because of her Instagram. A said that she replied to his question by saying: "We're just a platonic love" and then Jo Min Ki replied: "How can you guys be a platonic love after he sees OO-ssi's body". A said she was flabbergasted and tried to change the topic by talking about wine and his studio but then Jo Min Ki said: "OO-ssi, do you want to kiss?", "Do you want to share love?", "I think skinship is a good thing", "I want to kiss and fondle you".    

A tried to change the conversation by bringing up the the dramas/movies Jo Min Ki appeared on but Jo Min Ki sent her a picture of his body. He sent her a picture of his naked upper body and said: "This was my body when I used to work out", "Today is a day where both my body and heart is craving/hungry", and "OO-ssi's body is good, I respect your abstinence". After he sent her another picture, she asked him why he was sending her pictures like this but he said: "I'm deep in my imagination, I'm very excited/turned on". He then sent her a picture of him only in his underwear with the messages: "I'm really hard right now", "You need to turn wet", and "I'm touching myself right now. I need you to help me". A said that because she expressed her discomfort, he apologized and said: "I'm sorry, go to sleep" but then A said Jo Min Ki sent her a dick pic. After that, she ignored all of his messages. 

A said on the 29th, Jo Min Ki sent her a message apologizing and then stopped contacting her. Then in September, he messaged her asking for a recommendation on a massage shop. A said that after she gave him a recommendation, he completely cut ties with her and unfollowed her on Instagram. 

A commented on why she revealed this incident with him a bit late: "He and I have a lot of mutual acquaintances. Honestly, I have no issues with the other people and get along with them well. That's why it was hard to bring this up. But because I'm a woman and others might misunderstand, I backed up all the evidence of me experiencing harassment. And because I saw through the news reports of his bad actions, I decided to reveal this." A also added that if the police needs the messages and pictures she backed up for their investigation, she'll provide it to them. 

JMK: Your boyfriend must be lucky/happy
A: He doesn't like it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
A: He doesn't even his, it's platonic
JMK: Then what should we do with your long tongue
JMK: Right now... I'm alone in my deep imaginations...I'm really excited/turned on. Very dangerous 
JMK: I want to see you
JMK: I'm really hard right now
A: Ah what do you want from me;; (t/n: She isn't playing along, she's basically saying: bruh what do you want me to do and expressing her awkwardness in the situation)
JMK: You can turn wet too 

A: (emoticon)
JMK: Okay......
A: (emoticon)
JMK: You're touching yourself right now, right?
A: (emoticon)
A: No

*continuation from above pic*
A: (emoticon)
A: No
JMK: I'm already touching myself
JMK: Help me
A: This person is a dangerous person;;
JMK: I'm sorry. I made a lot of mistakes. Go on and sleep. 
A: Okay I'm going to go sleep now;;
JMK: (Sends dick pic)
A: (emoticon)

*continuation from above pic*
A: (emoticon)
A: (emoticon)
JMK: Enjoy it
JMK: I'm sorry. I'm making a lot of mistakes
JMK: I was really out of it. ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ
A: Why are you contacting me so early? (t/n: he messaged her at 9:52 AM)
JMK: I'm embarassed
A: Make sure to eat breakfast! (t/n: she's just ignoring the whole conversation and trying to end it)
JMK: *basically says he's going to drink another drink because of his crazy acts from last night* 

1. [+20954, -85] He considers women as food, he's a crazy pervert. He better become completely buried to the point where he can't even go to the super market in front of his house 
↪ [+570, -1] He needs to go to jail ㅋㅋ
↪ [+491, -1] Wow crazy I really don't want to see that conversation;; (t/n: they're expressing their disgust)
↪ [690, -6] He completely blocked all the chances of his son and daughter getting married 
↪ [+524, -2] You mean the chances of them moving.. Even his daughter can't keep her head up because of him 
↪ [+682, -1] He even sent a dick pic, what a complete fucking lunatic 

2. [+19706, -76] Wow this is really irrefutable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's a sex addict, a mentally ill patient, and a lunatic. How can a person just nonchalantly say bullshit like that?? 
↪ [+629, -1] I am currently looking to buy a pair of eyes who hasn't read Jo Min Ki's katalk messages (t/n: same tbh)
↪ [+453, -1] So fucking disgusting fu ck 
↪ [+381, -0] It was undeniable for a while but Jo Min Ki's shielders didn't believe it and tried desperately to make the women into gold diggers but they failed and now they're keeping their mouths shut and just shaking in rage 
↪ [+486, -0] Who says "enjoy it" after sending their dick pic....????? crazy ; 

3. [+14895, -74] Hul.. he sent a dick pic..?! crazy...

4. [+13329, -72] You really can't judge a person based on their outward appearance  
↪ [+357, -4] His outward appearance looks like he would do this 
↪ [+321, -2] Because he looks gloomy, I haven't liked him since a long time ago.. 

5. [+10108, -57] ㅈ Min Ki ssi (t/n: They're using the ㅈ from his last name as a slang for saying he's fucked now) 

6. [+4643, -8] That's really an illness.. seems like we need to put an ankle bracelet on him 

7. [+4554, -13] This is daebak.. it seems like there's only sex inside this bastard's head.. 

8. [+4197, -14] ㅠㅠ it's gross so I can't even read the articles anymore ㅠㅠ