Saturday, March 24, 2018

[Saturday Variety Roundup] Knowing Bros, Infinite Challenge

In the episode, Kang Ho Dong jokingly said that the way Song Ji Hyo talks resembles the style Kim Jong Kook talks and people began talking about how there's a possibility for them to become a real life couple because of cases like Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin from 'I Live Alone'. But Song Ji Hyo shut it down and said that there's no way they won't resemble each other because they saw each other every day for the past 8 years (due to filming Running Man). She said that she saw him all the time for the past 8 years and that they're family and that if they each other for 8 years and it didn't progress into love then it won't happen. She then told Kang Ho Dong to not match them up together. 

t/n: Song Ji Hyo told Kang Ho Dong "엮지 마라". This basically means like stop trying to force it to happen/stop trying to pair them up. Basically stop trying to make it happen when it's not going to happen. Hope this makes sense, it's a phrase that's kind of hard to translate - there's no specific word for it. 

1. [+7916, -332] Song Ji Hyo is really pretty..

2. [+6207, -248] She really made the good decision on picking Running Man. I learned about Song Ji Hyo through Running Man. She really is charming

3. [+5763, -153] In Running Man, they started it off with Gary, how long are they going to drag out a some. The writers need to wake up.

4. [+4739, -259] She's seriously really pretty

5. [+5654, -1348] While watching 'My Ugly Duckling', Kim Jong Kook is really persistent about his preferences, he's exactly the type of guy who'll exhaust you once you get married, stop involving them together, Song Ji Hyo is too good for him 
↪ [+909, -83] Have you lived with Kim Jong Kook before?

6. [+922, -26] Stop messing with them, they both have a good relationship with each other, it seems like it's going to become awkward for no reason  

1. [+1904, -29] Stop trying to force them to happen..... 

2. [+1664, -27] If she asks you to stop trying to make them happen, stop doing it 

3. [+1542, -29] Can the shows in our country only work out through manufacturing somes and forcing pairings.. I've watched it to the point where I'm tired of it, stop doing it. 

4. [+1102, -24] They're not interested in each other but the people around them go crazy ㅋ  

1. [+5455, -96] MuDo made me laugh and cry in my twenties. You worked hard, good job, you are the best. "I saw it~ I saw it. You did really well." (t/n: this is a quote by Jung Hyung Don during the rowing special on MuDo. He was the coxswain and when the team finally crossed the finish line, these are the words he told them while everyone was crying ㅠㅠ  - Link to the scene of the episode) 

2. [+4288, -64] MuDo who was by my side during my youth.. I want to to repay you guys for giving me laughter and for moving me but it's a shame that I won't be able to pay you guys back. Thank you for everything you guys have done. I won't forget you.

3. [+3836, -52] Thank you for taking responsibility of Saturday nights for all those times. Infinite Challenge, you guys worked hard! 

4. [+3375, -47] Thank you very much for everything up until now!! To all the members, you guys really worked hard! 

5. [+2776, -50] Personally, when they were doing the 'Yes or No' special, I was depressed but I watched it and laughed like crazy.. thank you.