Thursday, March 8, 2018

Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae expresses his support for the #MeToo victims and calls out the sex offenders

1. [+11611, -26] The people involved don't even apologize.. Actor Lee Soon Jae-nim who's wonderful in all sides, please stay healthy for a long, long time.. 
↪ [+301, -3] He really is a person I want to see for a long time 
↪ [+192, -1] I have the same thought, I want to see him for a long time 

2. [+8879, -31] He's a person you can learn a lot from~ Please stay healthy for a long, long time and stay by our sides  

3. [+7878, -30] Listen to the elder 
↪ [+158, -3] Yup listen to the elder 
↪ [+181, -2] He's a true elder 

4. [+7419, -25] As expected, he's cool...  

5. [+6517, -19] He's a person who's educated/knowledgeable ㄷㄷ 
↪ [+227, -4] This elder graduated from Seoul National University's department of Philosophy 
↪ [+177, -2] At this point, he's teaching what he learned 

6. [+1252, -11] There are a lot of men who try to cover it up and keep it a secret just because of the reason that they are also a man.. A person who looks back at their life honorably can say it confidently wherever. In some ways, it's an obvious saying but it feels like you can get more strength because of Lee Soon Jae-nim's words.. Thank you (t/n: This commenter is basically saying that men like Lee Soon Jae, who's really respected, is giving other men courage to call out the disgusting men)

7. [+1333, -94] He's like the godfather.. When all the immature, young male actors are staying silent (when they usually share their opinions on their social media and create a fuss but when it's actually a really important situation, they stay quiet). This person's impactful few words are cool. Of course, that's why he's Lee Soon Jae. 

8. [+1094, -5] When Cho Jae Hyun came out on 'Life Bar', he said that Lee Soon Jae gladly participated in his play but he's repaying Lee Soon Jae with the biggest betrayal. 

9. [+875, -3] Cho Jae Hyun, Oh Dal Su, Jo Min Ki OUT. Lee Yoon Taek OUT. 
↪ [+90, -0] Adding Nam Goong Yeon (t/n: he's a drummer that was recently accused)
↪ [+77, -0] Adding Kim Ki Duk (t/n: he's a director, he also worked on a movie with Cho Jae Hyun)

1. [+3849, -25] Teacher Lee Soon Jae, every word you're saying is completely true!! ^-^ (t/n: teacher is a term of endearment, it's used when the person is very respected and well-knowledgeable/educated, I think it's also used mostly on elders)

2. [+2722, -27] I respect you Teacher Lee Soon Jae 

3. [+2614, -25] Thank you ㅜㅜ There are people like this sharing these words (t/n: the commenter is thanking him for speaking up)

4. [+2276, -19] He's really cool... 

5. [+1478, -57] Foo~oolish bastard. (t/n: it's his quote from the sitcom High Kick - LINK)
↪ [+268, -1] I can hear him saying it ㅋㅋ 

6. [+453, -7] He's not an elder for no reason, if you look at him, he doesn't say a lot of words but he always speaks from the heart and states the key points