Monday, April 2, 2018

[Partial Article Translation] Entertainer Kim Saeng Min accused of sexual harassment, apologizes for his actions

t/n: I'm trying to translate it into the format Dispatch published their article but it's really weird because they write it as if it's a drama script... Please bear with me. 

March 21, 2018 - Somewhere at an empty park. 

A: "Stop just blindly apologizing."
A: "Stop repeatedly asking me to forgive you."

A kept her cool. 

A: "State clearly that you're here to acknowledge the truth of your crime and you're here to apologize."

What she wanted wasn't a formal apology. She wanted him to acknowledge and reflect over what happened on that day. 

KSM: "I'm really sorry. [I did] such a stupid act...[I was] too drunk... I'm normally a good person."

A: "No. At that time, you weren't that drunk. You were able to step out of a karaoke workplace party and book a private room..." 

For a while, Kim Saeng Min could not speak.

KSM: "Really, at that time..." 

KSM: "I'm sorry. I remember. Please forgive me."  

In the Fall of 2008, 2 incidents of sexual harassment occurred. Kim Saeng Min is now standing in front of one of those two victims. 
The letter A sent to Dispatch.
"After that day, I avoided seeing Kim Saeng Min even if it was seeing him through the TV screen. You can't pay back 10 years of my life.
Looking past the seriousness of a sex crime, regardless of them being a regular person or a celebrity - you have to be punished."
(t/n: The victim is saying that it doesn't matter if the sex crime was super heinous or if it was really minor, the person needs to be punished regardless of them being a normal person or a celebrity. Hope that makes sense.)

♦ 2008 - A karaoke place in Seoul
A was working as a staff member for a broadcast company. The show she worked on was having a workplace get-together at a karaoke place. The main MC, main PD, main writer, and other staff came. Kim Saeng Min was also there. 

A: "Another female staff - who was leaving early, called me over and told me: "Kim Saeng Min-ssi said he has something to tell you? He said he'll be at the room at the end of the hallway.""

A said she was thinking back if she had done anything wrong (t/n: she basically thought she was in trouble). The only relationship she had with Kim Saeng Min was them exchanging nods when they would pass one another. They've never crossed paths professionally. A went to the room and Kim Saeng Min was sitting there alone.  

A said she was standing at the doorway and asked him if she had done anything to make him uncomfortable. He said she didn't and told her to come closer to him. A didn't move and told him that she'll just stay by the doorway. But Kim Saeng Min forcibly pulled her and sat her down. She stood up from the seat but he overpowered her with his strength. He wrapped his arms around her. 

♦ Same day, same place - sexual harassment incident #2 

A said that she got a phone call looking for her and also heard people calling her name. You could hear the door to the next room opening. Kim Saeng Min quickly sat away from her and then her senior appeared. 

A said that her senior said: "We didn't see A at the party. We need her so we're going to take her back." A said that Kim Saeng Min nonchalantly responded with: "Of course. A, fighting to you" and smiled at her. 

A's hair was disheveled, her clothes were wrinkled, and her senior was mad. Her senior took her to a quiet place and asked her what happened. Her senior pressed her saying that it wasn't just her problem.   

A said that she told the senior, it wasn't any big but her senior told her: "Did you not know your bra strap came undone" and fixed it for her. A then told her everything that happened. 

In reality, it wasn't just her issue. That day, another staff member was sexually harassed. 
But A ended up leaving that broadcast company. A few months later, she voluntarily retired. 

A wasn't able to receive an apology and left the broadcast company.
B received an apology from Kim Saeng Min from himself at that time. 

You can read Soompi's article about it here: X - Soompi

1. [+32234, -554] You really can't trust a person's image on TV.. Farewell 
↪ [+3056, -46] How are you going to face Song Eun Yi who dragged you and pushed forward..? (t/n: Song Eun Yi is the comedian, who's worked along side Yoo Jae Suk in the 90s when they were both starting off as comedians and she's doing Celeb Five right now. She's known for taking care of him so that he can become more successful - she's a really nice person, she's also Kim Sook's best friend)
↪ [+1798, -30] This is really the worst... You can't trust anyone 

2. [+27307, -465] His career ended just as he started hitting it off 
↪ [+317, -24] I remember the time on Entertainment Weekly, when he called BoA "boji" (t/n: "boji" is slang for vagina in Korean)
↪ [+525, -6] He pretends to be poor on TV but he's actually well off ㅋㅋ 

3. [+25918, -420] Wow he was finally at his prime for a while but he's getting kicked out just like that, bye~ 

4. [+23890, -328] Stupid! (t/n: this is his catchphrase on his money-saving show that he does with Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook)
↪ [+479, -8] ㅋㅋㅋ 

5. [+16866, -347] ㄷㄷㄷ shocking   

6. [+9122, -114] What happened to Cho Jae Hyun, Kim Ki Duk, and Nam Goong Yeon, they didn't even apologize...  

7. [+8985, -119] He pretends to be romanticist for his wife but then goes on and sexually harasses someone?? And then, he says in front of the victim: "I'm usually a nice person", is that something to appropriate to say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ