Monday, April 9, 2018

[Monday Drama Roundup] The Miracle We Met, The Great Seducer

1. [+1596, -18] This casting is a miracle. Because there's no acting hole, the immersion is the best 

2. [+1361, -74] Kim Hyun Joo is really past pretty and is beautiful~ (t/n: this person is saying that Kim Hyun Joo isn't just "pretty", she's beaaautiful~ I agree LOLOL)

3. [+1153, -41] As expected, actor Kim Myung Min is an actor 

4. [+792, -27] A drama you really look forward to without knowing the next story

5. [+727, -81] Yeah while 'The Great Failure' (t/n: they're doing wordplay on 'The Great Seducer') accomplished the lowest ratings in MBC history ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  

6. [+278, -22] Kim Myung Min is showing his acting skills ㅋ An actor doesn't need a face or a body, first they need to be able to be good at acting 

The lowest rated drama in MBC history used to be '20th Century Boy and Girl' (Han Ye Seul, Kim Ji Suk) which had a rating of 1.8% but with today's episode of 'The Great Seducer', they got a rating of 1.6% and became the lowest rated drama in MBC history. The drama that had the lowest rating in history (all channels combined - like KBS, MBC, SBS) is KBS's 'Manhole' - which had a rating of 1.4%


1. [+1208, -74] Even the story isn't that good but on top of that the leads' acting is an overall mess, it's a crisis

2. [+1136, -85] They should start digging into broadcast connections that accept bribes and continue to use idols  

3. [+1060, -92] Using Soo Young-ie as an MBC lead itself was weird 

4. [+922, -59] Let'ssss gooooo for the lowest public broadcast network rating of 0.9% 

5. [+801, -39]  ㅠㅠㅠ isn't 1% a bit too much... even current event and cultural programs on cable channels can get that much 

6. [+345, -37] To be honest, Joy's visuals are only pretty on a makeup intense stage, but if you watch her in a drama - she's really average ㅜ Even her acting is sloppy, I want to see a female lead that's good at acting and is pretty