Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sam Hammington's wife releases an apology after being caught up in an animal abuse controversy

On the 7th, she uploaded an apology on her Instagram saying: "I'm sorry for causing disappointment with my careless actions. I am really deeply reflecting. Mandoo and Gaji have been in our family for 13 years and have gone through everything with us - they're precious members of our family. I'll be more careful so that other people and my family don't get hurt." 

The controversy started because she uploaded a video on her Instagram (Link to Video Here: X - YouTube) where you can see William continuously hitting both dogs with a toy sword. The dogs run away after he hits them but you can see the mom kind of encouraging him to find Gaji who went into hiding after he hit him. She doesn't stop him beside saying this when William first hits Mandoo: "Oh! Oh! You can't do that. Look at mom. You have to play nice with Mandoo." And then she encourages him to call Gaji and when William hit Gaji, she says: "Aye~ You should be nice to them~" William then topples over after he hits the hiding Gaji because Gaji escapes while walking backwards and the mom says: "Oh oh. You should play nicely."

But some people got more angry over the caption that was uploaded with the video, the caption was: "Living toys~~ Introducing best friends Mandoo and Gaji~~ We're training them because they're not potty-trained, please don't think weirdly~~ ㅎㅎㅎ"  

1. [+5939, -504] Living toys ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm speechless

2. [+4371, -427] ...I'm speechless..toy..?  

3. [+3472, -351] This doesn't seem right ㅠㅠ

4. [+3326, -443] Would they have stayed calm if another kid did that to their dogs? William's mother, teach your child to behave like a person

5. [+2798, -155] Imagine what existence they (the dogs) held and what comfort they gave her when she couldn't get pregnant.. "Living toy"... That's a term I've never even thought of.. This is disappointing 
↪ [+100, -9] This is shocking, calling a lovable form of life a toy, people like that always abandon the dog when they get tired of raising it and if you feel like you can't handle raising them, then don't raise them from the start 

6. [+1314, -87] You said 13 years? Toy... This wasn't just a one time mistake with your words, it seems like it's just your usual character/personality..     

7. [+1281, -69] The term "training" is even more chilling. They say they're training the dog but it's just completely laid out here that they think you can hit the dog if they don't pee/poop well. Also I heard dogs are considered senior dogs when they're 13 years old.. I'm curious about what Sam thinks because on TV, he always says he considers his pets as family but his wife goes around and causes this scandal 

8. [+1258, -54] I was freaked out after watching the video. It didn't seem like it was his first time hitting the dogs. I used to really be fond of William not just because of his face but it seemed like he was being raised really properly. I'm very disappointed. A child can behave like that because they don't know well but a parent shouldn't behave like that. You filming him because you think it's cute that he's hitting a dog means you're thinking the same thing. I'm not even a pet owner but even I can tell the dogs were frightened, it was pitiful 

9. [+1213, -49] Doing that to a 13 year old senior dog.. Around that age, people don't discipline dogs. They made a mistake with peeing/pooping ㅠ (t/n: They're basically saying that senior dogs at that age can make mistakes because they're old and that people don't discipline them at that age because dogs at that age usually start to lose their normal skills/abilities and some even get Alzheimer's). 

10. [+1113, -67] Calling members of your family whom you say you can't even live without "toys"..Are you even capable of calling them toys??