Thursday, April 19, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Live Roundup] Episode 11 + 12

1. [+1522, -21] The thing that really gets me mad is that the content in this drama isn't imaginary but it's reality itself. It's sad, frustrating and gets me angry

2. [+1524, -76] Jung Oh and Myung Ho keep going through bumps ㅠㅠ I think the writer is going to make her end up with Sang Soo .. They keep laying out bait ㅠ They should let her end up with Myung Ho.. 
↪ [+302, -48] Ahhh I freakin hate it ㅠㅠㅠ Why are they trying to make her end up with Sang Soo *sigh*...
↪ [+272, -11] It's because it's realistic. If there was a person who grew up in a nice household without lacking anything and there was a person who grew up in different type of environment and lived life hardly - their thoughts, philosophy, values, way of life... I think they're showing us that it's hard for us to understand each other.   
↪ [+184, -7] I agree with the comment above, it's hard for a person who was brought up well in a nice environment to understand the struggles of a person who grew up and lived in hard conditions 

3. [+969, -24] What to do, I don't think Myung Ho and Jung Oh are going to end up together...    

4. [+648, -6] While watching the drama, I just keep sighing *sigh*... it's sad

5. [+501, -49] No matter what role Jung Yu Mi does, she's pretty ㅋㅋ be successful!   

1. [+1523, -25] 1 hour really flies by, it's been a while since I've watched a drama that was this fun but is Jung Oh going to end up with Sang Soo?

2. [+1158, -15] It's cool seeing Sang Soo chase the culprit until the end even though he got beat up    

3. [+943, -20] On Saturday they fill us up 90% with frustration and on Sunday they fill us up 100% with cider, this is why I can't stop watching Live... (t/n: by 'cider', they mean the plot is refreshing, like their relieving the issues and what not. Also in the original comment, the person wrote 'cancer' instead of frustration but personally, I don't like that term. I think it's very offensive to use terms like cancer to describe trivial things like frustration that's caused by plot like wtf... people die from cancer... so that's why I changed it to frustration, hope you understand)

4. [+947, -67] Everyone please don't just hate on Jung Oh, because it's also wrong of Myung Ho for not being able to let go of his ex-girlfriend, whether it's Myung Ho or Sang Soo, Jung Oh matches well with both of them   

5. [+653, -85] I like people like Sang Soo 

6. [+367, -9] Oh Yang Chon (t/n: Bae Sung Woo), let's go for a melo genre for your next project, let's go for the best seriously...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ