Thursday, April 5, 2018

[Wednesday Variety Roundup] Radio Star, Let's Eat Dinner Together

1. [+222, -29] Am I the only one who thought it was funny...each and every one of them was bursting with charm

2. [+120, -9] Loco jjang!!

3. [+103, -14] I hope the four people who came out today all do well ^^

t/n: Apparently, the last time he made an appearance on 'Radio Star', people criticized him for being "rude" because when a person was talking, he didn't look at their direction but kept mindlessly looking at the monitor but he said he did that because he neck started cramping from turning his head towards the speaker. 

1. [+2152, -246] No talents + greed

2. [+1802, -221] What exactly does he do that this kid who's known for nothing comes out on all of these public broadcast shows?
↪ [+209, -23] It's YG who's pushing him. Does YG have no sense for picking people. I don't understand why they're pushing people like CL and Joo Woo Jae. Can't tell just tell 
↪ [+107, -13] It seems like he has a different thing backing him up (t/n: they're basically suggesting he has a sponsor)

3. [+1527, -167] He's not funny at all, just why 

4. [+1225, -105] I didn't know he had an attitude controversy, I just thought two years ago he was an unfunny kid ㅋㅋ     

1. [+668, -24] The way the kid speaks at the house Jang Yoon Ju succeeded at was funny ㅋㅋ

2. [+611, -5] Please come to Seoul Forest... Specifically Seoul Forest Hillstate Unit 101....... I'll go to Majang-dong, buy hanwoo, and wait for you (t/n: Apparently the neighborhood and estate the commenter is talking about is in a really affluent neighborhood and hanwoo is Korean premium beef, it's really expensive)
↪ [+171, -5] You must be happy you're well-off 

3. [+428, -26] The eldest son at the house Lee Kyung Kyu went into is so cute and mature ㅜㅜ he's lovable 
4. [+403, -15] The two houses both had fathers who were domestic, it looked harmonious! Be happy!

5. [+272, -31] Jang Yoon Ju is so funny!