Saturday, May 19, 2018

Actress Lee El reps say she uploaded the picture of actor Kim Jae Wook sleeping for fun

Both Lee El and Kim Jae Wook are in the play 'Amadeus'. Her reps clarified and said the picture was taken while they were resting in the waiting room for the play. She uploaded it because she thought it was a funny/weird picture of him and uploaded it as a joke/for fun. Her reps said that she's really sorry towards Kim Jae Wook.  

This is the picture she uploaded:

1. [+626, -37] The clarification is the worst, what do you mean by "fun";; Whose fun was it meant for?   

2. [+357, -18] So she secretly takes pictures of a person sleeping topless for fun.....she's a weird person

3. [+203, -8] Jae Wook-ah, get away as soon as possible. Avoiding attention whores is the wisest thing to do 

4. [+159, -12] I think she uploaded it because she wanted to brag that they're dating and then deleted it 

5. [+120, -16] For fun??? What kind of person uploads a picture like that for fun and hastily deletes it???ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even her clarification is a mess    

1. [+1484, -87] They're saying they're close/friends but people are having a hell of a time by bullshitting. (*t/n: the comment was deleted while I was translating this)  

2. [+429, -39] How is this a controversy, they're both close with one another, they must've resolved it on their own - people who don't even know them are butting in 

3. [+386, -118] Whether they do it or not, who cares? (t/n: the rest of the comment, the commenters talks about how people should put in the effort they're using to talk shit on talking shit about their congressmen)

4. [+160, -32] But why would you upload a picture of him sleeping? It wasn't even a funny/weird picture...

5. [+111, -58] BIG BANG's Seungri also suffered like this while he was asleep like that.