Saturday, May 12, 2018

Actress Nam Gyu Ri reveals that she's the breadwinner for her family of six

Original Source (SBS funE via Naver): 'Life Bar' Nam Gyu Ri "I'm the breadwinner for my family of six..there are times where it felt too much" tears 

t/n: Nam Gyu Ri revealed on the episode that she became the breadwinner for her family at an early age. Her family is a family of six and she's the third daughter and that she's still (financially) supporting her parents right now. 

She really likes cars but she bought her personal car for the first time 2 years ago after being active as a celebrity for 13 years. Before she bought her own car, she bought a car for her dad, then bought a car for her older sister, and then bought her own car. 

She said there are times where it felt too much to handle because she's the breadwinner for her family but she realized that if something big happens to her then the only people she can rely on/have next to her is her family. 

1. [+4163, -190] They're not her family but enemies (t/n: in this context, they're saying that her family is basically an inconvenience to her) 

2. [+3628, -54] Did her family just live comfortably because her income was good? How can they give their child that big of an inconvenience.. Also why did she buy her sister a car? Is her sister also unemployed? I heard that if there's a celebrity within your family, they just mooch off of them... 
↪ [+317, -4] Lee Hyori's family ㅋㅋㅋ Lee Hyori bought them homes in Jeju Island and from her sisters to her brother-in-laws, they're all just relaxing 

3. [+1611, -40] Why did she buy a car for her sister's family? It's ridiculous 

4. [+1039, -24] Does the rest of her family not work? 

5. [+909, -37] Let's say she's supporting her parents but her sister? Is that person not working and just mooching off of her? Where is her conscience?