Monday, May 28, 2018

Fans request YG Entertainment to remove former member Go Ji Yong from Sechskie's profile

NOTE: You can read about the fans' requests here - X (cr: Soompi) 
I don't know if him using the fans' money to pay for his part-time workers was proven to be true. 

1. [+2843, -30] Why is the person who does everything except Sechskies trying to have Sechskies as a part of their profile?? 

2. [+2581, -65] I'm requesting you to promptly clean up the Sechskies profile 

3. [+1343, -38] Is it true that Go Ji Yong paid his company's part-time workers with the money he got from Sechskies fans?

4. [+1263, -28] I did think it was weird when I saw TV and Instagram... So these things were going on.. Go Ji Yong-ssi, this is disappointing.. 

5. [+756, -9] I bid farewell to Go Ji Yong while crying because I thought I would never see him again but the train he rode wasn't a one-way trip but a round trip on a second line, on that line, he's even selling merchandise like a solicitor, you're the one who said it yourself that you can't promote with Sechskies anymore? But why are you using Sechskies name to recruits investors for your business and why are you mobilizing fans?

6. [+760, -27] I request YG to promptly solve this. Sechskies fans are requesting you to remove former member Go Ji Yong from Sechskies' profile. 

7. [+572, -8] I totally understood when he said he can't do Sechskies because of his business. But the thing I totally can't understand is that he said he won't promote with Sechskies but he comes out on 'Superman is Back' with his kid, he uses Sechskies' name while doing business, and receives money from Sechskies fans to pay for his part-time workers' pay, that's too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ