Monday, May 7, 2018

'Greasy Melo' fails to impress viewers with its first episode

1. [+1432, -57] The editing is too childish and messy.. everyone is good at acting but it doesn't go on smoothly and is choppy... it seems like they only need to edit it well 

2. [+683, -31] Why did they edit the scene where the female lead was thinking to herself of the horse running 7 hours so sincerely? It wasn't even an important component for the story... It was really messy and really distracting. My impression of the first episode is a big disappointment (t/n: Jung Ryeo Won's character has a horse and while she was talking to her fiancé, she was imagining her horse running to her wedding reception from the stable it's at and says that it'll probably take the horse 7 hours but they literally animated an entire scene for her imagination and showed details of the horse waiting at the sidewalk for the traffic light to change and the horse drinking water from a pond during its journey... it was really unnecessary)

3. [+691, -77] Jang Hyuk saved it 

4. [+618, -74] Jang Hyuk didn't have a lot of screen time, the writer should watch the drama and think well~~~ It was fun when Jang Hyuk came out ㅋㅋㅋ 

5. [+352, -42] The first episode was hectic and to be honest, I didn't feel attracted to it but the second episode was fun. From now on, it feels like the storyline will progress with one or two episodes and it'll settle down and become fun, the directing and plot is fresh 

6. [+233, -49] Not lying it was really boring... 

7. [+263, -97] Wow.. Jang Hyuk is Jun Ho's sub??? Even Jun Ho's name comes out before his - what is Jang Hyuk missing that he's coming out in this type of drama as Jun Ho's sub, seriously..