Monday, May 7, 2018

[Hyori's Homestay 2 Roundup] Episode 14

1. [+3738, -97] So pretty.....

2. [+2472, -76] Seriously... I agree 100 times with the statement that Lee Hyori is other celebrities' celebrity   

3. [+1413, -66] Lee Hyori is just the top, it's really hard to maintain that body and face at that age, she goes to yoga every morning - it really seems like people don't say "Lee Hyori, Lee Hyori" for no reason 

4. [+627, -34] She's a pro, she succeeded with that mind

5. [+386, -50] Hyori and Yoona are pretty and really lovable, Sang Soon is also cool   

1. [+1470, -162] Do season 3 too 

2. [+1037, -296] Wasn't there too chemistry with the customers/guests in season 2 ㅠ I don't even know what type of people they are... During season 1, after the three siblings and so on, they also focused on the customers/guests... they also showed a lot of the bonfire conversations.. In season 2, they only set up the yurt and only showed eating.. same thing for spring 

3. [+805, -14] It became the typical celebrity observing variety show after they focused on Hyori, Sang Soon, Yoona, Bo Gum instead of the customers/guests  

4. [+580, -46] Thank you so much, Hyori-nuna and Sang Soon-hyung~ Yoona-ssi, Bo Gum-ssi you guys worked hard as the part-timers~ Thank you 'Hyori's Homestay' for showing us good things and letting us listen to nice stories!