Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kim Dong Jun confirmed to be replacing Lee Seo Won in 'About Time'

1. [+4272, -24] I like Kim Dong Jun. Fighting!!!!!!!

2. [+2600, -15] Kyah, it's not a chicken instead of a pheasant but we're getting a pheasant instead of a chicken (t/n: they're saying the drama is getting an upgrade, the chicken is Lee Seo Won and the pheasant is Kim Dong Jun)

3. [+1080, -25] I like Dong Jun. Lee Seo Won is seriously a huge inconvenience. His costar needs to redo their scenes, he's seriously a bastard, he should've told them sooner - the fact that he tried to hide it until the very end is seriously the worst. Did he think that he could've kept it hidden..

4. [+1053, -16] Kim Dong Jun is so much better 

5. [+707, -20] Kim Dong Jun works hard at everything he does, he's really likable.. be successful!! 

6. [+147, -2The shitty car has left and now we're getting a Benz~ Dong Jun-ie, be successful~