Tuesday, May 8, 2018

'Omniscient Interfering View' reps apologize after using Sewol Ferry news footage in one of their scenes

t/n: On the episode that aired on the 5th, Lee Young Ja was eating fish cakes with her manager when she was telling him about a hole-in-the-wall restaurant she likes (she's famous in this show for the way she describes food and its taste). She told her manager to check the restaurant out and ask the chef if he's married because she loves his cooking so much that if they get married, she wants him to make breakfast and she can make dinner. 
When Lee Young Ja said (jokingly) that her manager to hook her and the chef up, someone on this editing staff compiled a bunch of news reporting videos together where the news anchors are saying things like: "This is breaking news that's just coming in", and they edited the clips where they added a new graphic/caption that says: "[Breaking News] Lee Young Ja makes a shocking confessions while eating fish cakes"

The thing that caused controversy is that the news footage they used to edit this scene was of news anchors reporting about the Sewol Ferry accident. 

In the episode, they blurred the background (top). The bottom pic shows the original news report that clearly shows that the news anchor was reporting about the Sewol Ferry accident. 

This is another example, the bottom two pics shows the original news reporting where the anchor was reporting about the Sewol Ferry accident and the banner(?)'s caption is talking about the ship sinking. In the episode, they used her voice: "This is breaking news that's just coming in".

People don't think it's a coincidence because they clearly blurred out the background that showed the Sewol Ferry, it's not like the person editing wouldn't have known that it was a news report about the sinking and they think it's also iffy that it was a scene while Lee Young Ja was eating fish cakes (t/n: Ilbe users call the victims of the Sewol Ferry sinking "fish cakes"...). 

People are posting on the show's messaging board and in the red boxes someone posted multiple separate posts and if you read it from top to bottom it says: "Ilbe out" and "Cancel it (the show)".

1. [+8522, -90] Oh....this is serious..

2. [+5050, -73] To be honest, is there a way that they wouldn't have known? They really did this with a malicious intent, fire them 

3. [+3072, -54] Does that explanation make sense? Investigate thoroughly and let us know which staff member caused this! It's a problem if both of them are affiliated with a certain community and it's still a problem if they're not...; Did you make a request by saying something like: "I'm going to use a scene where Lee Young Ja-ssi is eating fish cakes"? Investigate thoroughly! This show completely flopped..; (t/n: this comment was a bit hard to translate so there might be some errors... sorry... But I think I was able to get the basic gist of it. ) 

4. [+2147, -33] Are they out of their mind? 

5. [+896, -8] There must be an ilbe amongst the production crew 

6. [+472, -6] What wrong did Lee Young Ja unni do ㅠㅠ  (t/n: the commenter is basically saying that LYJ doesn't deserve this)

7. [+483, -3] Thoroughly investigate the person who created that footage. They're 100% an ilbe user. There's a lot of everyday news footage they could've used but them using the footage of the Sewol Ferry reporting means they deliberately used that. 

And I agree with the comments that are saying that this wasn't a simple mistake.
There's a shit ton of news footage they could've used but they just had to use news footage from the Sewol Ferry sinking and then they went out of their way and blurred out the background that showed the Sewol Ferry sinking... 
And in a scene where Lee Young Ja was eating fish cakes with her manager...
This wasn't a coincidence.
That person is fucked up.