Sunday, May 20, 2018

[REQUEST] From a friendship to family, SHINee celebrates their 10th anniversary

1. [+603, -6] May 28 is the start of promotions for SHINee's 6th album, please listen to ☆Good Evening☆ a lot!!! SHINee I love you always, let's go together 

2. [+368, -4] I feel like fundamentally their music and stage, they're such an excellent group. They're worth getting acknowledgment and love. I'm supporting you. SHINee

3. [+169, -0] Because SHINee is SHINee, they're really cool and I'll support them whenever! After enjoying it, 10 years flew by, I'm looking forward to the future ㅎㅎ 

4. [+125, -0] SHINee I really love you, thank you for promoting, I'll support you as always 

5. [+82, -2] SHINee's 6th album fighting!!!!!! Let's hit daebak