Sunday, May 20, 2018

[REQUEST] What is the feminist "controversy" Seolhyun is under?

Original Source (enews24 via Naver): Seolhyun, what is the feminist controversy?

On the 17th, Seolhyun liked the Suzy's post about Yang Ye Won. Then some people began to suspect her as a feminist because she unfollowed IU, Yoo Ah In on Instagram. It's spreading around the internet that people think Seolhyun is interested in feminism because in a past interview, she said: "I became interested in social issues that are about women. I'm still at the stage of learning/studying." 

As the speculations continue on, Seolhyun is ranking top on the live search ranking for portal sites and many people are paying a lot of attention to her. 

1. [+6180, -838] Seolhyun-nim unfollowing is her free will, what right do the journalists have to try to put a meaning behind it. Every year, IU donates scholarships to Dongduk Girls' High School, donates to kids, women and other people who are mariginalized but I can tell that people are trying to stuff IU into a certain frame. IU isn't a feminist and she isn't an ant-feminist either      
↪ [+221, -21] She donates scholarships every year so that high school girls can go to college.. How is that misogyny? 

2. [+4477, -593] I am a high school student. Every time I see articles like this, my heart aches... Why is a female being interested in feminism considered something that is controversial... It seems like there are many people who think feminism is about female supremacy. This is wrong. It's an undeniable fact that women have been discriminated against since the past until the present. The meaning behind feminism is to take back women's rights and to proceed with gender equality. I hope people would discuss it after being properly aware of it. Also journalist-nim, the tone of your article makes it sound like Seolhyun-ssi is in the wrong, whatever article you write, please make sure you know all the facts 

3. [+3185, -109] She just unfollowed people on Instagram, why are you trying to find a meaning behind that 

4. [+2845, -124] She didn't unfollow IU yesterday ㅋㅋㅋ Also she unfollowed 60 people who didn't follow back and within that group, IU was in it ㅇㅇ People might think that Seolhyun only unfollowed those three people ㅋㅋㅋ Originally IU and her weren't following each other back, and Seolhyun has always periodically cleaned up her following list ㅋㅋ

5. [+1492, -54] Whether she unfollows or not, who exactly are you (journalist) to write a story about the celebrity who was unfollowed, the journalists are stirring up/creating the controversy       

6. [+765, -33] Just leave them alone ㅠㅠ who cares if she's a feminist ㅜㅜ why is that controversial, seriously it must be hard to live as a female idol 

7. [+556, -25] Why is feminism a topic that becomes a controversy? Is everyone escaping reality ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ   

8. [+544, -38] I think it's so freaking funny that people are saying they're going to skip on Seolhyun (t/n: like stop being her fan, stop paying attention to her), isn't that actually more beneficial to Seolhyun, women are the ones who are consuming ㅋㅋㅋ Whatever Seolhyun does, I'm supporting her, Seolhyun fighting