Thursday, May 24, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Handsome Guy and Jung Eum Roundup] Episode 1 - 4

1. [+1206, -190] Why is Hwang Jung Eum's acting always the same... It feels like I'm watching 'High Kick', *sigh* Namgoong Min saved it all (t/n: 'High Kick' is a sitcom)
↪ [+83, -4] My words exactly.. Rather than saying she can't act, it's always just her playing the same role 
↪ [+55, -1] It changed a bit in 'Secret' hmmm 
↪ [+41, -0] I liked her in 'Secret', I still remember it 
↪ [+40, -2] If you watch 'Secret', it's not like she can't do dark scenes but it's just that she always picks these types of scripts... she just keeps doing romcoms 
↪ [+94, -1] She's allowed to just do romcoms, everyone is making a fuss over nothing 

2. [+607, -27] With Hwang Jung Eum, it feels like only the drama is different but the characters are the same 

3. [+478, -1] Today was definitely the first airing but.... why....... does it feel like I'm watching a rerun......... of a drama she did in the past.........
↪ [+51, -1] 'Kill Me, Heal Me' = 'She Was Pretty' = 'Lucky Romance' = 'Handsome Guy and Jung Eum' 

4. [+410, -7] What's with Hwang Jung Min ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+425, -47] Hwang Jung Eum needs to do something with her short hair.. how is it that her acting is the same but her hair has also been the same for years.. 

6. [+157, -20] Hwang Jung Eum is good at acting.. People who watched 'Secret' will know ㅠ but she keeps playing these types of characters ㅎ Dramas like 'Giant' was good and so was 'Incarnation of Money'  

1. [+1407, -81] Aside from Hwang Jung Eum's acting, to be honest - it's a bit boring because it's a typical romcom. It feels like took things here and there from familiar dramas that you've seen before.

2. [+866, -186] I thought yesterday's episode was so-so but today's episode was watchable and Hwang Jung Eum's acting isn't even bad acting but it feels like people are hating on her too much, it seems like it's because she succeeded a lot with romcoms - stay strong 

3. [+616, -35] It's not that there aren't boring factors about Hwang Jung Eum's acting but... it looks like the bigger problem is the story... it's obvious and childish

4. [+544, -64] Hwang Jung Eum's acting that keeps on continuing with her past works (t/n: they're basically saying her acting is the same in all her projects)

5. [+430, -45] I just liked it because it's been a while since I've watched a romcom and I was able to watch it thoughtlessly. The couple is already set and the process needs to be interesting, the side characters are also funny and are good at acting and it doesn't have the forced scenes that are meant to be touching/moving and I thought it was being realistic about dating so while watching I didn't really feel any distaste for it. 

6. [+272, -38] Hwang Jung Eum's acting, hair, and clothes are all the same, the voice I don't like to hear and I don't like to watch the over-exaggerated, obvious 'High Kick' acting (t/n: 'High Kick' is a sitcom)

1. [+1872, -121] That's it. ㅋㅋ Just by looking at the picture, I'm sick of it

2. [+678, -37] To be honest, I like Hwang Jung Eum but now she's always doing the same expressions so she's now so-so 

3. [+693, -148] Why? I like that acting ㅋㅋㅋ Even though there's no plot, it's nice for a lighthearted watch

4. [+494, -26] I'm now tired of her always acting the same way

5. [+270, -11] It's exactly how she was in 'High Kick' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

t/n: When they say the acting is 'obvious'/'transparent', they mean that the acting is typical or predictable. Like you just expect her acting to be like that and she ends up acting like that. 

1. [+489, -28] Yup.

2. [+384, -41] It's really transparent and with her tiring acting, it's the same lisp voice, there's really no change 

3. [+190, -7] I watched 5 minutes of it and it was the same~ Her vocal tone, her movement, the way she opens her eyes, it's almost all the same 

4. [+98, -25] I'm having a fun time watching it.