Monday, May 7, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Live Finale Roundup] Episode 18 (final episode)

1. [+8457, -20] This is Bae Sung Woo's life work  
↪ [+233, -1] From the dramas I've watched these days, it was seriously the best.. sigh ㅜㅜ seriously when Oh Yang Chon reunited with Yeom Sang Soo today, it was really touching ㅜ my tears were dripping ㅜㅜ 

2. [+6030, -45] It seems like screenwriter No Hee Kyung-nim was trying to tell us that the thing that made our country's police officers like that is our country's citizens and media. If this drama leaves even a small impact, I hope it leaves one. Thank you to No Hee Kyung-nim who wrote this script to let us learn about this reality and the actors who acted really vividly. And also, I'm waiting for season 2 

3. [+2812, -28] Let's go for season 2 with Yang Chon and Sang Soo's serious crime squad story!!!!!

4. [+2382, -18] Thanks to Live my weekends were enjoyable and my heart was warm. Thank you to all of those who produced Live and to the actors who showed heartwarming acting. And I'll respect police officers and support them, fighting 

5. [+1622, -22] Everything about Live was the best

6. [+1046, -7] Because he's so good at acting, I think that's why he's only been playing villains, I think Oh Yang Chon saying "nuna" is more heart fluttering than Jung Hae In 

1. [+1116, -9] After watching Live, the job of a police officer really seems fucking tiring, they need to lower the salaries of congressmen and government employees and raise the salaries of police officers and firefighters by twice the amount.

2. [+300, -9] Isn't Live such a masterpiece?? 

3. [+151, -3] They need to do Live season 2.. 

4. [+131, -2] I went to a regional festival for Children's Day and a lot of police officers came out to help. After watching Live, I became more thankful and they looked cool.