Monday, May 28, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Miss Hammurabi Roundup] Episode 3

1. [+2030, -37] Seriously this drama is the best.. I'll for sure buy the judge-nim's book and read it (t/n: the writer of this drama is a real judge)

2. [+1544, -21] Seriously, the last scene showed us that even if the laws and courts protect us, I feel like they're trying to tell us that even a woman who's good at sports can feel like they're in danger because of men, it was really upsetting

3. [+1415, -13] I can't forget the last scene, even a character who comes out in the drama as a strong woman who's a black belt holder, she was surrounded by men and encountered a struggle so she had to join a group drunk ahjussis to escape because she had no other choice because she was powerless as a woman, there was a line that said the laws will protect us but right after that line, this scene came out, I think it properly reflected real life

4. [+1321, -18] It was really refreshing so I liked it but at the end, when the men cursed at her and she had to borrow the strength of others to escape that situation because she had no other choice, the woman's sense of humiliation was really realistic so I almost cried. That woman is a person who's learning a sport and a strong woman but still, she's no match for a man. It's perplexing. 

5. [+397, -9] That last scene seriously ㅜㅜ

1. [+1433, -19] I hope people will watch this and stop underestimating the sexual harassment women experience. Women aren't always the only victims but I hope some men who aren't empathetic feel something after watching this. 

2. [+657, -17] Do you know why mirroring comes out? It's because with mirroring, you experience the exact same thing so that's the only way you'll understand. You're not even a preschooler but would only understand through mirroring... Problems like that are prevalent for women in scoiety. If you aren't going to speak up and say issues like that need to disappear, it's better for you to just shut up. Don't mindlessly open your trap, if there are men like that, please use your strength for issues like that and don't try to ignore women 

3. [+633, -6] The fact that a male writer wrote this bb (t/n: bb is like a thumbs up)

4. [+370, -6] I hope men would watch this drama and at least feel and sympathize a bit. They say that you can't mirror the original so we're more sad and suffering more and we live in a world that's filled with resentment... we're not expecting you to understand perfectly. But I hope you at least really feel something. 

5. [+282, -7] 'Miss Hammurabi' is so good, it really feels like you're watching a court dispute, it handles a lot of the recent issues and the actors' acting is good too, be successful     

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