Thursday, May 10, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][My Ahjussi Roundup] Episode 13 + 14

Original Source (My Daily via Naver): 'My Ahjussi' Lee Sun Kyun protects IU "It was self-defense"

1. [+913, -10] Every single word of Park Dong Hoon's comment was true~ He's so cool and really the best... This drama always touches my heart 

2. [+626, -12] Naver really doesn't put 'My Ahjussi' on their front page. For some dramas, they keep changing posts and you see posts even on the next day.. Naver is hella neglecting this well-made drama 

3. [+335, -9] Dong Hoon's last lines were cool and in the scene where Song Sae Byuk and Lee Ji Ah were delivering their lines but weren't making eye contact, it had tension and the immersion was insane ㅎㅎ It's not a showy drama (t/n: showy as in it's not vibrant, fancy) but it's a drama where each and every line touches your heart. 

4. [+341, -16] It's the best, IU is really good at acting  

1. [+4613, -124] This drama is too much, it should know its limit and be good but it makes me cry, makes me laugh, and then switches on over to thriller and then time flies 

2. [+4385, -58] This makes me wonder if this is the rediscovery of Lee Sun Kyun. Park Dong Hoon is a character that's really hard to express and if you don't act properly, it's a role that can cause a lot of misunderstandings but the fact that his acting makes me think that he's really Park Dong Hoon including the sound of his breathing, it's (his acting) really touching.  
↪ [+116, -1] He's an actor that really acts well.    
↪ [+143, -2] This time I learned about Lee Sun Kyun's true value. The details of his expressions is art 

3. [+2471, -103] This is Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ji Eun's life character... it's really been a while since a drama had lines that really dug deep into my heart 

4. [+1755, -33] This is my first time wanting a drama to end with a happy ending. I don't know what the ending has to be for it to be a happy ending but I hope it definitely ends with a happy ending. I really hope Ji An ends up well. This is really a drama where time flies by.. 

5. [+1528, -34] Ah~ I'm going crazy, what kind of drama digs out a person's heart like this? 

1. [+975, -38] Is this really the writer who wrote 'Another Oh Hae Young'?   How can a person write a drama this different, this insanely well? Also... Eric and IU are people whose original job is being a singer but how can they become this different with the clothes they're wearing? (t/n: this person is basically saying they're really fitting in the role) Is it the power of the directing or because of the screenwriter's script? I... feel so bad for Lee Ji An. My heart also hurts for Dong Hoon-ie. I really want these two to be happy... I'm not crazy right (for feeling like this)? If Ji An-ie was my neighbor, I want to at least feed her a meal. 

2. [+651, -55] Let's give Lee Sun Kyun-nim a daesang and give Lee Ji Eun-nim a best actress award 

3. [+435, -8] This is the best masterpiece that can make you feel the ringing deep within the lungs.. (t/n: I think they're talking about the scene where you can just hear Lee Sun Kyun's breathing) this is Lee Ji Eun and Lee Sun Kyun's life character ㅜㅜ 

4. [+368, -11] I choked up and my heart feels numb.. Tears are falling down on both of my cheeks.. It seems true that if you like someone, you'll do anything for them.. I don't watch dramas that often but this drama really touched me.. The background is somber but you fall deep into it.. I really like the drama and the actors... 

5. [+213, -3] I didn't know a day would come where I would cancel on plans to watch a drama live ;;;;