Friday, May 18, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Roundup] The drama continues to frustrate viewers with its plot

1. [+2621, -38] The writer should apologize to the general public... 

2. [+1699, -41] Pretty Noona Who Can't Live Without a Man 

3. [+1121, -30] Whether it's a lover or a noona, I now dislike both. The writer's writing skill of turning the female lead into a psycho and the male lead into pushover. This is why you can't just let anybody be a writer... ㅉㅉ (t/n: ㅉㅉ is like the sound of "tsk tsk")

4. [+1003, -28] The writer is telling us children who don't have parents can't be in love! Are you telling us that they're allowed to be neglected

5. [+659, -21] I wasted time by watching it from the start  

1. [+4569, -65] Daebak! Can she not live without a boyfriend? It's seriously annoying! What is the writer thinking?

2. [+1943, -146] Easy Noona Who Can't Live Without a Man 

3. [+1441, -40] It's a waste to even say that the plot went off the rails. They're ruining everything we watched during the past two months, I can't believe it

4. [+897, -49] I'm looking to buy a pair of eyes that didn't watch this shitty drama 

5. [+835, -50] The story went off the rails, this is a drama I wouldn't have even watched if it wasn't for the actors, while watching today, I was uncomfortable the whole time