Monday, May 21, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][The Miracle We Met Roundup] Episode 15

1. [+1848, -28] To be honest, the miracle is only a miracle to Kim Hyun Joo... For Ra Mi Ran, whether she does this or that, it's only been a wound for her since the start to the end  

2. [+1354, -40] I feel the most sorry for Ra Mi Ran... Her husband died suddenly from a car accident and he miraculously came back alive but his appearance is different, his habits are different, and his heart is changing little by little and eventually loves another woman... But then again, the man that has all the memories she holds with her husband is clearly living, he's her husband but doesn't feel like her husband... Seriously what is this 

3. [+872, -16] Hyun Chul-ah, if you're going to move on to another woman, take your father with you. To be honest, isn't it really selfish to leave your parents with your ex-wife while you live with another woman?

4. [+723, -52] If Song Hyun Chul-A, originally, couldn't live without Kim Hyun Joo and remained in that memory then I can't say anything but he cheated on his wife and they were going to divorce but saying it's love now means she likes Song Hyun Chul-B, that is an affair 


1. [+704, -59] Kim Hyun Joo and Ra Mi Ran all have their reasons and I feel bad for them but.. It was game. over. when he said, "Hye Jin-ah~" I'm going to support Kim Hyun Joo now 

2. [+640, -11] It's because Ra Mi Ran's character comes out a bit wild but in the drama, she's the most pitiful. Her husband died suddenly accidentally but then he comes back in another body and falls in love with another woman, imagine how miserable that is 

3. [+468, -50] I feel more bad for Ra Mi Ran

4. [+281, -33] There's no solution, Ko Chang Suk showed us a character that was such a good husband, good father and then he goes on to do that. If that's not an affair, what is it? I feel bad for Ra Mi Ran

5. [+276, -38] Kim Hyun Joo's acting is sad ㅠㅠ Ra Mi Ran is also sad but my heart goes towards Kim Hyun Joo